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September 16, 2013 08:00 ET, Where Savvy Traders Get Their Small-Cap Stock Research

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 16, 2013) - Connectyx Technologies Holdings Group, Inc. is a Healthcare BPO, CTYX that provides unique products for the healthcare market including MedFlash, the electronic Personal Health Manager (ePHM), Medical Alert US, a Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS) product and Medical Transcription, Disease Management, Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Consulting. Get the company updates and a full report at the following link:

Strikeforce Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: SFOR) is a software development and services company, provides a suite of integrated computer network security products using proprietary technology worldwide. It owns the right to develop and license various identification protection software products to protect computer networks from unauthorized access, and to protect network owners and users from identity theft. SFOR has new customers and technology. Read about them at this link:

Endexx corp. (PINKSHEETS: EDXC) collaborates with independent software developers, scientists, engineers, and other companies to build businesses that can thrive collectively in the equity markets. Endexx's team recognizes that individually small companies with new technologies have an extremely difficult time sustaining themselves as stand-alone companies. Through our collaborative practices, individual and group skill sets are better utilized to develop technology and grow the business, while centralizing costs and eliminating redundancies. Read about the new developments for EDXC at this link:

Inscor Inc. Corporation (PINKSHEETS: IOGA) INSCOR specializes in educating and marketing the FIT OPEB plan to municipalities and corporations as a low-cost solution to funding retiree and other employee benefits. A FIT plan variation also works for affluent individuals, entertainers and professional athletes -- whether for estate planning or funding cash flow needs. IOGA has a plan to help municipalities keep their promises to their employees. Read about it at this link:

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