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May 02, 2012 08:35 ET Active Watch List: - Kinder Morgan Inc. (OTCBB: KMIIV), DoMark International Inc. (OTCBB: DOMK), East Coast Diversified Corp. (OTCBB: ECDC), Nephros Inc. (OTCBB: NEPH)

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OTC Journal specializes in finding companies announcing ground breaking news or those that are ripe for a technical breakout, and today announces four stocks to watch closely.

- Kinder Morgan Inc. (OTCBB: KMIIV)

- DoMark International Inc. (OTCBB: DOMK)

- East Coast Diversified Corp. (OTCBB: ECDC)

- Nephros Inc. (OTCBB: NEPH)

Breaking News Alert: DoMark International Inc. (OTCBB: DOMK) High Apple iPad Sales Could Signal even Greater Success for new Solapad Product. DoMark International (OTCBB: DOMK) disclosed today that Company management believes that the recent increase in iPad sales could be a boon to its wholly-owned subsidiary Solawerks' new "Solapad" product. The revolutionary new Solapad product is an ever-charging solar and battery system that fits all versions of the Apple Inc. ( iPad. Once an iPad is placed into a Solapad sleeve, there is theoretically no reason to ever plug the iPad into any wall-mounted charger again.

On April 24th, Apple reported selling 11.8 million iPads in their last quarter, which is two and a half times the amount of iPad sales Apple reported for the same quarter a year ago.

Domark (OTCBB: DOMK) CEO Michael Franklin traveled to China on April 22nd to personally oversee the production of the Solapad and make arrangements for capitalizing on the products' surprising demand. The revolutionary new Solapad is expected to arrive in the hands of US consumers in less than 32 days.

Breaking News Alert: East Coast Diversified Corp. (OTCBB: ECDC) Ironridge Technology Enters Into $2.5Million in Equity Financings with East Coast Diversified Corp. East Coast (OTCBB: ECDC) settled over $1 million in accounts payable, which Ironridge had acquired from various creditors of the company, in exchange for shares of common stock. The transaction thereby substantially reduced the Company's liabilities, including its outstanding accounts payable balance.

According to Kayode Aladesuyi, CEO of East Coast (OTCBB: ECDC), "This funding will help us continue the momentum we are experiencing with our businesses and manage growth more effectively, 45% of the payable funding is related to manufactured inventory that will help us accelerate sales and revenue especially with our StudentConnect business which require significant investment in equipments to be deployed to school districts."

East Coast Diversified (OTCBB: ECDC) also entered into a definitive Stock Purchase Agreement with Ironridge to purchase $1.5 million in redeemable, convertible Series B Preferred Stock, which is convertible into common stock of the Company. Ironridge received no warrants. There are few restrictive covenants and no amortization provisions in the agreement. The transaction is subject to customary equity and closing conditions.

Under the Series B Stock Purchase Agreement, Ironridge has agreed to convert the shares at more than 285% of the current market price. "Ironridge is demonstrating confidence in our business plan and the direction of the operation, its decision and agreement to convert at a significantly higher PPS than current market price is indicative of this, but more importantly, is that we can now accelerate the development of our social media division 'WetWinds' and other projects we are working on."

Consistent with its long-only investment mandate, Ironridge represented that it has never shorted the Company's stock, does not hold any short position, and will not engage in or affect, directly or indirectly, any short sale of the common stock.

Breaking News Alert: Nephros Inc. (OTCBB: NEPH) Receives 501(k) Clearance for Hemodiafiltration System. Nephros (OTCBB: NEPH) announced that they have received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its Hemodiafiltration ("HDF") system for the treatment of chronic renal failure when used with UF controlled dialysis machines capable of producing ultrapure dialysate in accordance with current AAMI/ANSI/ISO standards in the United States.

The system is comprised of Nephros's (OTCBB: NEPH) OLpur MD220 Hemodiafilter and Nephros's OLpur H2H Hemodiafiltration module. Nephros's OLpur MD220 Hemodiafilter is a dialyzer designed expressly for HDF therapy that employs Nephros's proprietary Mid-Dilution Hemodiafiltration technology. Nephros's OLpur H2H Hemodiafiltration module is intended for use with UF controlled dialysis machines capable of producing ultrapure dialysate in accordance with current AAMI/ANSI/ISO standards.

"HDF represents an alternative treatment option for chronic renal failure, and I am excited that patients in the United States will now have the opportunity to be treated with this important therapy," said Leonard Stern, M.D., Medical Director at Columbia University Dialysis Center, and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Columbia University, College of Physician and Surgeons.

"Nephros can now offer the only on-line HDF therapy available in the U.S.," said John C. Houghton, President & CEO of Nephros, Inc (OTCBB: NEPH). "Nephros will first pursue a limited launch of its HDF system before expanding into the broader market. In parallel, Nephros (OTCBB: NEPH) will evaluate opportunities to leverage the resources of a strategic partner to most effectively address the market."

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