Oticon Canada

Oticon Canada

June 12, 2007 09:00 ET

Oticon: Hearing Aids Go Wireless

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 12, 2007) -

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The newest hearing aid from Danish Oticon abolishes technological boundaries: In addition to offering sublime sound quality, it acts as a wireless headset connecting directly to your mobile phone, your portable music player, or your computer. Unless you want to share it, you should probably keep it out of reach of tech-savvy teenagers.

The launch of the Epoq, by Oticon, marks the beginning of a new era for hundreds of millions of people around the world with a hearing loss. In fact, more than a hearing device, the Epoq is a personal communication device enabling the user to fully participate in today's digitalized life.

"The term "hearing aid" is no longer a sufficient description. What we have created with the Epoq is a personal communication centre based on a true wish to provide the hearing impaired with superior access to modern communications technology. This is a wireless headset that even tech-savvy teenagers will envy, because it is so small it can hardly be seen and at the same time offers sensational sound quality," says Ross Harwell, Oticon Audiology Manager.

Extremely high "impress factor"

Until now, people with a hearing loss have been more or less excluded from the digital and individualized connectivity offered by wireless communication devices. For example, many hearing aid users have been yearning for something as simple as hassle free use of mobile phones. With Oticon Epoq, this is exactly what they are getting - in addition to wireless connectivity to a variety of Bluetooth devices, from portable music players to GPS devices.

"We are not afraid to call it a revolution because it offers unprecedented freedom and equality to the hearing aid user. With a single push on a button, hearing impaired people can transform the two Epoq hearing devices into a mobile phone hands-free headset with great sound and high clarity. Or they may choose to connect to a portable music player, turning their Epoq into tiny wireless earphones," says Ross Harwell, Oticon Audiology Manager.

Natural hearing

Oticon Epoq was designed based on the principles of interfacing and redefines the role of a hearing aid. It recognizes that the auditory system is designed to capitalize on inputs from two ears to naturally connect the listener with the surrounding sound environment. The two hearing devices work as one, supporting a proper and natural interpretation of where sounds are coming from.

The Epoq captures difficult-to-hear high frequency sounds, making voices sound clearer and music richer. In situations more people are talking and the noise level is high, unwanted background noise is intelligently eliminated, freeing the mind to actively join in conversation, whether at a family gathering or in noisy restaurants.

"With the Epoq, we are moving as close to enabling natural hearing as has ever been achieved. Users of the Epoq receive the sounds in the same seamless fashion as everybody else - enabling them to navigate on almost equal terms in personal interaction," says Ross Harwell, Oticon Audiology Manager.

About Oticon

Oticon is one of the most innovative hearing aid manufacturers in the world. With more than 100 years of experience, Oticon has spearheaded on a number of technological breakthroughs which have made a significant difference for people with hearing loss. Oticon is the only hearing aid manufacturer with its own research centre, ensuring the needs of hearing aid users are always put first when developing new solutions.

For more information on Oticon Epoq, please visit www.oticon.ca or contact Ross Harwell, Audiology Manager, or Susan Lucas, Marketing Manager, Oticon Canada.

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