May 21, 2013 08:00 ET

OttoCat Heralds New Era in App Discovery; Free Service Organizes Crowded iTunes App Store Into Deep Categories, Enabling Easy Navigation of Entire Store

New 'Taxonomy Browsing' App Discovery Technology Fills Gap in App Discovery, Enabling Users to Discover and Explore App Store

BERKELEY, CA--(Marketwired - May 21, 2013) - OttoCat today announced the availability of the first service to allow consumers to browse a deeply categorized App Store, making finding apps as easy as browsing the aisles of a well-organized store. An entirely new approach to App Discovery, the OttoCat Taxonomy Browsing Platform automatically creates interactive new subcategories within Apple's limited categories, organizing Apple's entire App Store into a single rich set of nested categories. The free service available at allows users to go way beyond browsing the few most popular apps in the store. For the first time users have insight into the entire store, and are able to drill down to their specific area of interest, or discover entire categories of apps that they never imagined existed.

"The Apple App Store, with a mere twenty-three categories, is nearly impossible to navigate," said Edwin Cooper, CEO, OttoCat. "The most visible apps are the most popular apps, and so they stay most popular. Users have no means of seeing past a few top apps into the main area of the store, where most of the merchandise is. OttoCat has confronted the App Discovery problem head-on, giving users an easy way to finally access the 99.5% of the App Store which had become frustratingly inaccessible."

Taxonomy Browsing Fills Crucial App Discovery Gap
OttoCat's proprietary Taxonomy Browsing Platform automatically categorizes and sorts every app in the App Store, using title, description, and additional textual meta information to determine appropriate sets of subcategories. These deep subcategories vastly expand the twenty-three existing App Store categories, making it easy to find and discover new apps.

The OttoCat website seamlessly integrates multiple methods of interactive taxonomy browsing, giving users the flexibility to explore the App Store in a variety of ways.

Vertical Browsing: Through OttoCat, users may choose a series of subcategories to find their area of interest (Entertainment, then Humor, then Jokes).

Horizontal Browsing: Many apps are assigned to more than one category. Users may find an app of interest, then further explore additional cross-listed categories where that app also appears, allowing discovery of whole new areas of the store.

Textual Browsing: OttoCat's unique category discovery box makes finding the category you're looking for fast and easy. By typing an area of interest, the user can choose from any matching category or app.

The OttoCat site is free and does not contain advertising.

About OttoCat
Founded in 2012 by successful entrepreneurs Edwin Cooper (CEO) and Michelle Cooper (COO), OttoCat offers the first technology to automatically categorize the entire contents of Apple's iTunes App Store, allowing users to easily navigate and browse for apps. This new Taxonomy Browsing Platform automatically generates categories and subcategories, giving users an inside look at the store and opening its doors for discovery. Prior to OttoCat, Edwin Cooper founded InQuira, a knowledge management platform provider serving Fortune 500 clients including Apple, Fidelity and Honda. InQuira was acquired by Oracle in 2011. Cooper's expertise in Computational Linguistics and Information Retrieval uniquely positioned him to develop OttoCat's breakthrough proprietary technology. OttoCat is available at, is free to use and shows no ads. OttoCat is based in Berkeley, California.

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