September 11, 2008 10:00 ET

Out to Sea Outsources Accounting Infrastructure to CFO Rick

CFO Rick Provides Complete Set of Accounting Services for Bay Area Start-Up Companies

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - September 11, 2008) - CFO Rick, an accounting services firm dedicated to start-up organizations and families of high net worth in the Bay Area, announced that it has been hired by Out to Sea, a specialty skin product company focusing on the tattoo and body art industry. Out to Sea products are available in over 50 retail stores across the United States.

"It is critical that start-up organizations establish a firm financial foundation if they hope to weather the ups and downs of young businesses," said Rick Belgarde, President of CFO Rick. "Out to Sea has positioned itself well for growth by hiring one firm to manage all aspects of its financial accounts from budgeting and taxes to business planning."

"The needs of start-up companies like mine are different than more established organizations," said Jennifer Price, CEO of Out to Sea. "My attention is consumed with launching new products and so I feel better knowing that Rick will anticipate our needs because he's an expert in managing businesses like ours."

"The excitement of launching a new product is overwhelming and when the dust clears there is still the responsibility of accounting, payroll, billing, accounts receivable and accounts payable, and preparing your personal and corporate taxes," continued Belgarde. "So my team takes the worry out of the financial management and help owners of start-ups concentrate on what they do best."

CFO Rick manages a limited portfolio of high-potential start-up organizations. Among his clients are, Imagine Sports, WDFA Marketing and

About Out to Sea

Out to Sea is a collaboration of people creating deeper than skin body products that are unscented non-clogging, and formulated to be used on inked or non-inked skin. After years of consulting with tattoo artists and their clients, Out to Sea brought our ideas to a local laboratory in search of the perfect lotion. Out to Sea believes that a great lotion for tattoos should be able to be used long after a tattoo has healed. With a product line that now includes lotion, sunscreen lotion and soap; Out to Sea provides vegan, safe, hydrating, and multi-use skin care products. You paid a lot of cash for your tattoo and you owe it to yourself to protect it.

About CFO Rick

Rick Belgarde has been successful for more than a decade with the financial management of start-up organizations and families of high-net worth because he has dedicated his career to their unique needs. His company, CFO Rick provides a complete set of accounting services for start-up organizations including general accounting, payroll, billing, accounts receivable and accounts payable, and by preparing your personal and corporate taxes. Services for high net worth families include financial planning, budgeting, bill paying, and preparation of net worth statements, cash flow management, and payment of household payroll. Rick Belgarde and his team are also available to function as interim, temporary, or part-time CFO for your growing company. If you would like more information on you can manage your business or estate more efficiently and cost-effectively, go to or contact us at 415.821.0985.

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