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October 24, 2005 09:00 ET

OuterBay Announces Enterprise and Compliance Editions of ILM Solution for Applications and Databases

Database Archiving Leader Introduces New Products to Address Large-Scale Databases and Compliance Requirements

CUPERTINO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 24, 2005 -- OuterBay™, a leader in information lifecycle management (ILM) solutions for applications and databases, today announced the Enterprise Edition and the Compliance Edition of its Application Data Management (ADM) Suite to provide high-performance database archiving and subsetting to meet the requirements for large scale databases and increasingly stringent federal and industry regulatory compliance.

"We're seeing more and more customized applications in enterprises with large scale databases, and we expect the market for managing the data in these applications to continue to grow," said Ray Paquet, Managing VP, Gartner. "Enterprises should look to database archiving applications to manage accelerating growth, increase enterprise application performance and meet compliance requirements."

"Our customers are facing two great pressures: Data retention requirements are becoming more stringent and data growth is exponential," said Michael Howard, chairman and CEO of OuterBay. "Up to 80% of the data in these enormous databases is inactive, but the tools to move that much data aren't fast enough. OuterBay now provides high-performance, scalable solutions to address very large databases (VLDB) with the highest level of auditability and traceability for compliance."

Enterprise Edition for High Performance and Manageability

In large database implementations, sheer data growth and the initial amount of inactive data to be relocated are the biggest challenges in deploying an archiving solution. With Enterprise Edition, OuterBay is leveraging its experience and history of supporting multi-terabyte database applications at customers such as POSCO and Motorola. In these multi-terabyte applications, it is not uncommon to have over 100GB of data growth per month. OuterBay's Enterprise Edition includes a new high-performance Data Movement Engine which can keep pace with high volume data growth.

OuterBay's Enterprise Edition provides database archiving and subsetting for business-critical applications across the enterprise. It was designed to manage accelerating data growth to boost application performance and improve application stability and availability. New features address the scalability and rapid deployment issues that are critical in large database application environments. By significantly reducing the size of the production database, companies see substantial savings in IT infrastructure costs.

The Enterprise Edition includes LiveArchive, OuterBay's industry-leading database archiving solution, Instance Generator, a database subsetting solution that streamlines test and development by creating smaller but fully referentially intact databases and Designer, which extends support to custom extensions, third party applications and other database applications.

New features in the Enterprise Edition include:

--  High-Performance Data Movement Engine - Bulk mode relocates inactive
    data from the production database to an archive database more than 5 times
    faster, while maintaining full transactional integrity, and scaling to
    multi-terabyte database environments.
--  Rapid Deployment - Rapid Deployment Mode provides the ability to
    segment multi-terabyte databases into active and inactive data sets in a
    matter of hours as the initial step of implementing ongoing archive
--  Pause/Resume Process Control - Full transactional data integrity is
    sustained during both failure and intentional suspension of archiving
    process, making archiving operationally compatible with strict SOE/QOS
--  Policy Manager - Wizard-driven definition of policy sets, automatic
    discovery and instantiation of business hierarchies, and fine granular
    management of all database objects for efficient space reclamation.
Compliance Edition for Self-Describing, Sustainable, Long-Term Retention and Access

More than 10,000 government and industry regulations today mandate how companies store, retrieve and access current and historical transaction records. Companies must comply with a myriad of rules under regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FASB and Basel II. Traditionally, companies try to satisfy these requirements with offline archiving -- vaulting mountains of backup tapes.

Unfortunately, retention periods can often extend to 30 years or longer. In these cases, companies must ensure that the archived data does not become technically obsolete. Offline archiving only dumps the data onto tape, but doesn't ensure that in 30 years the data will still be accessible and readable without replicating the obsolete application environment, including the application, database, operating system and hardware. Records must also be tamper-proof and audit trails must be maintained to satisfy auditors' requests for data history.

OuterBay Compliance Edition is designed to meet increasingly stringent data retention regulations as the final form of archive for database applications. It leverages OuterBay's proven technologies to meet requirements of survivability, sustainability, comprehensive audit trails and immutability of archived data.

The Compliance Edition delivers a rich set of audit trails for business-critical data archived for long-term retention. It provides survivability and sustainability through OuterBay Encapsulated Archive™, an open standards based XML archive store and includes operational audit information, data lineage and data integrity validation for compliance.

"As a global company we have to meet a number of data retention regulations throughout the world," said Lois Hughes, Senior Manager, Business Applications Systems, Tektronix. "OuterBay has taken the best approach to maintaining the long-term viability of data by basing its compliance solution on open standards. With the Compliance Edition, we can be sure that our data will remain secure and accessible for our maximum retention period of 15 years in China, even if our source applications change in the years to come."

The Compliance Edition includes Encapsulated Archive, Designer, to discover, validate and generate archiving modules, and Direct integration with WORM devices such as EMC Centera. New features in the Compliance Edition include:

--  Operational log contains a complete history and status of all
    archiving activities including archiving policies and parameters, what data
    was archived or reloaded, when and by whom, source and destination of the
    archived data.
--  Application Data Lineage™ continuously tracks movement of archived
    files to trace data movement history of archiving or reload operations.
--  Data Integrity Checks verify that the archive data is not modified
    between locations.
--  AppsPack Version Tracking to ensure application data integrity.
    Version tracking is essential because the business, referential, and
    retention rules on which archiving is based change over time.


Both the Enterprise Edition and Compliance Edition of OuterBay ADM will be available in Q4 2005.

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OuterBay Technologies, Inc., a leader in information lifecycle management (ILM) solutions for applications and databases, helps customers monitor, forecast and manage data growth in enterprise application environments. As the market leader in database archiving and subsetting, OuterBay ADM Suite allows users to move data between storage tiers based on its current value to the business, and maintain open access to archived data across applications, platforms and storage media. As a result, OuterBay improves enterprise application and database performance and reduces total cost of ownership. OuterBay is headquartered in Cupertino, California, with offices in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. OuterBay has over 150 customers. For more information, contact OuterBay at or 408.340.1200.

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