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October 27, 2015 12:08 ET

Outreach Unveils New Tools for Rapid Sales Acceleration

Outreach Everywhere Brings Sales Tools Directly Into Popular Websites; Outreach 360 Prioritizes Tasks Based on Highest Likelihood of Engagement

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2015) -  Outreach, the company revolutionizing the way sales teams communicate, today announced the availability of Outreach 360, a sales intelligence dashboard that empowers salespeople to prioritize sales tasks based on likelihood of their effectiveness, and Outreach Everywhere, a Google Chrome extension that enables salespeople to communicate and engage with prospects on any website -- such as Salesforce, LinkedIn, and email -- without switching windows. The company also announced today that it has completed a $9.2 million Series A round of funding, led by Mayfield Fund.

Outreach 360 is the sales intelligence dashboard that helps sales reps prioritize sales tasks based on the highest likelihood of engagement

  • Uses engagement signals such as email opens and replies, link clicks, as well as data from connected marketing automation tools to rank and prioritize the best prospects

Outreach Everywhere is the Google Chrome extension that unlocks the most efficient way to execute sales tasks while browsing the web

  • Recognizes when a salesperson is visiting a website and empowers her to take action immediately -- such as adding information to a sales record or setting up a sequence of calls or emails -- while on the page
  • Enables salespeople to communicate with prospective customers without switching windows, copying and pasting, or disturbing their preferred workflow

"Outreach represents the cutting edge of intelligent sales communication technology and it's helping us super-charge pipeline growth across both our new and expansion business; with Outreach we've been able to quadruple email open rates, triple email reply rates, and significantly increase new sales meetings," said Lars Nilsson, Vice President of Global Inside Sales at Cloudera, a global data management provider and the largest contributor to the open source Apache Hadoop ecosystem. "Outreach 360 enables our sales team to utilize email in a much more sophisticated manner than ever before and we're able to achieve high sales performance across the board."

Outreach is the first technology platform that combines a communication workflow with intelligence to make every sales activity faster and more effective. By enabling sales teams to streamline their communication workflow with unique communication touches -- such as custom calls and emails -- sales organizations can easily create repeatable and scalable processes without losing the personal touch, significantly reducing sales cycles and increasing lead-to-sales conversions. Outreach measures the effectiveness of sales activities and provides data-informed recommendations that help salespeople optimize their sales workflow for success.

"There have been thousands of books, classes, and conferences dedicated to making salespeople more efficient and effective -- the truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all method. Businesses today are sitting on top of a wealth of valuable, insightful sales data they can now unlock to make their sales process more efficient than ever," said Manuel Medina, CEO of Outreach. "We are committed to providing the tools sales teams need to understand, predict, and scale incredible sales performance. Outreach 360 and Outreach Everywhere are the next generation communication workflows build to leverage predictive functionality and we're thrilled to arm businesses with them."

Outreach -- the enterprise sales communication platform -- enables sales teams to:

  • Effortlessly streamline email and call campaigns. Engage with prospects by creating personalized and automated touchpoint sequences that include an optimized mix of phone calls, emails, social media messages, and more.
  • Ensure that no opportunity is ever missed. Outreach's unique response detection engine alerts sales teams when leads reply -- or if they don't -- prompting new sales follow-up tasks to enter the queue.
  • Gain valuable insight into sales operations and optimize for success. With Outreach, sales teams gain 360-degree visibility into every area of the sales organization -- from individual performance to the effectiveness of every sales activity -- and unlocks valuable A/B testing opportunities.
  • Automatically keep sales records updated, eliminating time-consuming manual data entry. Outreach Echo for Salesforce is the industry's best tool for bidirectional data sync. Powered by customizable triggers, Salesforce is always kept up to date.
  • Avoid costly communication mistakes that frustrate or confuse prospects. Outreach runs every email through rigorous testing to eliminate mistakes and alert salespeople if they are about to accidentally contact a prospect that they shouldn't.

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Outreach is the first data-driven platform for business sales communication, helping sales teams to achieve a 3x increase in lead to opportunity conversions. With enterprise-grade bidirectional CRM integration, best-in-class safety and security features, deep activity analytics, and predictive communication intelligence, Outreach is the only communication platform that can help you execute and manage a sales team entire communication workflow. Successful businesses excel at creating repeatable and scalable processes throughout their organization and thousands of businesses worldwide use Outreach to create sustainable sales success. Outreach is privately held and investors include Mayfield, MHS Capital, & Floodgate. To learn more, please visit

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