Go Fulfilment

Go Fulfilment

June 30, 2011 07:00 ET

Outsourced Fulfilment Opens Up Retail Opportunities to SMEs

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 30, 2011) - Go Fulfilment, providers of UK and European e-fulfilment services are recommending that SMEs look towards a specialised fulfilment house to help them meet the needs of their current and potential customers.

SMEs may often find themselves hampered in their efforts to meet the requirements of customers spanning a large area due to a lack of strong income. This affects their ability to fulfil customer orders while still making a profit. Businesses just setting up and looking to find their feet are unlikely to be able to afford high delivery costs associated with global courier services. As such, order fulfilment assistance, similar to that provided by Go Fulfilment, enables businesses to meet customer demand.

Outsourced warehouses are able to meet the needs of customers over a wide base thanks to the ability to stock a wide range of products. The cost of either buying or renting warehouse space to store stock can add extra overhead costs for new and small businesses, which can be detrimental for SMEs with low incomes. Using services offered by fulfilment houses, SMEs are able to avoid the extra costs on rent, allowing more money to go towards the development of the business.

Brian Taylor, CEO of UK Fulfillment house Go Fulfilment, said: "We present SMEs with the option to save money. Rather than spending time and extra costs on searching for the right property to rent or added staff during peak periods, we provide space, manpower and inventory control enabling businesses to focus on what they do best."

Go Fulfilment is a UK fulfillment house which assists UK and European-based businesses who might be unable to meet their own shipping and postage needs. Go Fulfilment provide space to stock products and organise shipping. This allows businesses that utilise the service to focus on growing with the reassurance that their customers' demands are being met. For more information, please visit http://www.gofulfilment.com/.

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