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Go Fulfilment

March 16, 2011 11:01 ET

Outsourced Fulfilment Remains a Cost Effective Solution, Says Go Fulfilment

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 16, 2011) - As the focus on efficiency intensifies, and companies closely monitor their return on investment, the cost effectiveness of outsourcing is becoming increasingly significant, says Go Fulfilment. In the current economic climate, there is pressure on business owners to cut back on all expenditure, but order fulfilment is an area that can be easily outsourced whilst still making business sense.

Fulfilment companies provide an invaluable facility for organisations who want a fast, efficient service to complement their business. Many ecommerce companies simply do not have sufficient space or resources to process orders. From order processing and management of inventory, through to pick and pack and finally distribution, a whole layer of activity and responsibility is taken away from companies, freeing them up to concentrate on other key areas of their business. To handle this activity in-house, companies need significant investment - and not just in terms of cost. They need to factor in additional staff and training, storage, as well as managing the accuracy and efficiency of processes. While some companies will have sufficient resources to carry this out internally, it may not be the most cost effective solution. With outsourced fulfilment, costs can typically be significantly less due to the economies of scale with volume output.

Brian Taylor, CEO of UK fulfilment house Go Fulfilment says, "It makes sense for businesses to operate within their area of expertise, outsourcing other essential elements to professional companies such as Go Fulfilment. Fulfilment is a key process in the commercial chain and our ability to operate quickly and efficiently means that we are not only a cost effective solution for our customers but an extension of their organisation. "

By outsourcing fulfilment, companies are giving themselves the opportunity to focus resources on their core activities, optimising their business structure. For further information on UK fulfilment services visit www.gofulfilment.com

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