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October 13, 2016 22:22 ET

Over 1,900 Diploma and Degree Students Graduate From PSB Academy, Confident of Job Prospects

SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Oct 13, 2016) - PSB Academy today celebrates the graduation of 1,928 diploma students as well as students from the pioneering batch of undergraduates from Coventry University, the United Kingdom's University of the Year*. This is the largest cohort of graduates from PSB Academy for the year.

Rigor and hands-on learning experiences crucial for industry-readiness

"PSB Academy and Coventry University are reputed for rigor and high standards that are well-recognized by both academia and industry. While today's ceremony marks the graduation of the largest cohort of students from our Academy this year, it is also a celebration of excellence in our unique approach to helping students to get the most out of their learning experience at PSBA that is directly applicable in the real-world." Eur. Ing. João Ponciano, Dean and Senior Vice President, PSB Academy.

According to PSB Academy's 2015 graduate and employment survey, nine out of 10 students gained employment within six months of their graduation while six in 10 saw pay raises and/or better career prospects.

"Industry partnerships and hands-on experimentation is crucial to helping our students become industry-ready. PSB Academy invests heavily in facilities such as laboratories and industry-grade equipment such as a life-sized wind tunnel, to enable our engineering and computer science students to gain the needed skill sets and know-how that the industry needs. Our business and communications students can also look forward to classes and advanced learning spaces in our new 'Academy of the Future' which spans two storeys, over more than 100,000 square feet in Marina Square."

43 students will receive first-class honour degrees from Coventry University, while top students from each of PSBA's 16 diploma and three Coventry University degree programmes will each receive $5,000 in book-prizes in recognition for their 'dare to dream' spirit of excellence and determination.

Vengadesh A/L Muniapa, a 39 year old father of two, is amongst these graduates who scored top grades his Diploma in Industrial Engineering course offered by PSB Academy. Vengadesh has already seen his hard work at school pay off -- the multinational semi-conductor company that he has worked at as an Associate Engineer five years, recently gave him a promotion to the role of Engineer, and has willingly offered to upgrade his skills by sponsoring his undergraduate degree.

Vengadesh shares: "I am blessed to have had the support of my wife of 10 years, my children, the lecturers at PSB Academy and my company, who have encouraged me to stay strong in this education journey, to constantly improve myself, and I think the hard work has definitely paid off," Vengadesh, who aspires to be a manager in his company after he completes his degree course. 

Alicia Seng Man Wah, a 24 year old who graduates top in her cohort under the Bachelor of Arts in Business and Finance programme offered by Coventry University, had to juggle both work as a planning executive in a manufacturing company along with her part-time studies: "To have PSB Academy recognise my achievements through this prize is a great honour. I'm definitely glad that I'm seeing the results from the hard work I've put in, and now that my course is complete, I'm looking forward to putting my newly acquired skills to work with a renewed confidence," said Alicia, who is confident that her degree will open up more opportunities for career growth in her company, where she has worked at for five years.

Confidence and inspiration abound at today's graduation ceremony

Swati Arora, 28, graduated top of her class in Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management offered by PSB Academy: "I know that this qualification will open doors for me especially as I look forward to exploring job opportunities that will help me expand my range of experience in the tourism industry,"said the tourism marketing manager.

"The need for individuals to acquire industry-ready skills and qualifications needed to thrive in the future economy has never been more pertinent in this age of disruption. Alongside our own diploma graduates with us today, we are also proud to be with graduates from one of UK's leading universities, a partner who shares our mission to groom graduates who are truly ready to tackle the demands of today's workforce. Coventry University has been consistently rated as one of UK's best, and we hope that our track record on delivering our unique brand of education to students will give this pioneer graduating class good confidence in their prospects. We hope all our graduates today will continue to dream big, pursue their passion, and contribute actively to the community," said Derrick Chang, Acting Chief Executive Officer, PSB Academy.

Gary Armstrong, Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor, Coventry University adds: "This graduation ceremony is the culmination of much hard work by the graduates, staff and all involved; it symbolises the first step our graduates are taking towards their future, and I hope they face it with confidence, that they will seize and create new opportunities for themselves and others as they navigate through the challenges of today's evolving world. It is our students that have made our international partnership with institutions such as PSB Academy a success, and through their efforts, given it real meaning. We hope to continue to foster in all our students the elements of success we have shared with our graduating students today: an openness to new ideas, an understanding of the importance of innovation and creativity and a global outlook."

The students that graduated today received their qualifications in the following programmes:

  • Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Accounting and Finance, Coventry University
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Business and Finance, Coventry University
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Coventry University
  • Diploma in Business Administration (Accounting and Finance), PSB Academy
  • Diploma in Business Administration (Banking and Finance), PSB Academy
  • Certificate in Business Management, PSB Academy
  • Diploma in Business Administration, PSB Academy
  • Diploma in Business Administration (Human Resource Management), PSB Academy
  • Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing Management), PSB Academy
  • Diploma in Business Administration (Supply Chain Management), PSB Academy
  • Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management, PSB Academy
  • Diploma in Industrial Engineering, PSB Academy
  • Certificate in Engineering Foundation
  • Certificate in Infocomm Technology
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology, PSB Academy
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology, PSB Academy
  • Diploma in Infocomm Technology, PSB Academy
  • Foundation Diploma in Life Sciences, PSB Academy
  • Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science, PSB Academy

*As ranked by The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2016

PSB Academy celebrated its largest cohort of diploma graduates for the year today. With the institution's investment in advanced learning spaces in their 'Academy of the Future', which spans over more than 100,000 square feet in Marina Square, the Academy hopes to deliver on its brand of industry-ready education to more business and communications students with more opportunities for hands-on experimentation, for industry collaboration and learning experiences.


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