Fire Brigades Union

Fire Brigades Union

March 14, 2011 09:57 ET

Over 90% of Responses to Fire Brigades Union Survey Reject Surrey Public Safety Plan Proposals

SURREY, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - March 14, 2011) - Following the consultation process, the responses to the Surrey Fire Brigades' Union survey clearly identify that the proposals are totally unacceptable.

The Surrey FBU Executive Committee were charged by the membership to coordinate an evaluation of the proposals within the public safety plan (PSP) and subsequently held an online survey. The results of that survey unmistakably defined that the vast majority of respondents opposed many of the proposals, particularly those relating to reduced services to our communities and heightening the risks to those employed.

Extending the attendance times and lack of available crews to respond to emergencies particularly during night hours received the greatest negative comments, which reflected the concerns of other stakeholders.

The introduction of slower response times will threaten life and add greater risk to businesses and property. The replies, over 96 %, elevate these issues as one of the most significant unacceptable increases to risk to the people of Surrey.

Paul Greenwood Chair of FBU (Surrey) said: "There is a clear distinction between an analytical risk assessment which matches risk to the hazards and the proposed 'taking a chance propositions' made by the Authority.

"The public and our members have, through our consultation, made it absolutely clear that the current proposals are unacceptable and the Leaders of Surrey County Council must reconsider the very uncompromising constraints being placed on our service or be prepared to face the backlash of the public and members' responses".

The survey also challenged the mechanisms for decisions – the Governance – of the organisation and wants to see more details on how procedures and controls can be improved with the main focus ensuring service direction and funding meets the needs of our communities as opposed to political prioritisations.

Richard Jones Secretary FBU (Surrey) said: "The results of the survey clearly indicate that the Council Leaders and Service Managers have got it wrong.

"We continue to be available to discuss issues relating to the quality and diversity of services our members provide in the community, however the proposals within the PSP are totally unacceptable and the most appropriate way forward would be to start the process without the financial impositions and focus on community needs".

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