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Ovulation Prediction Kit -

April 17, 2009 11:33 ET

Ovu-Trac® Ovulation Predictor Kit From OvumOptics Now Available Through

HANNA, AB--(Marketwire - April 17, 2009) - OvumOptics, Inc. has created a website, to sell its popular, accurate, and cost-effective Ovu-Trac® Ovulation Predictor Kit. The kit uses a simple home-based saliva test to predict ovulation with 96.2% accuracy. Successfully used by tens of thousands of women throughout Canada since 1996, the Ovu-Trac® is now also legally available in the United States. OvumOptics is celebrating this milestone with the new website, which serves not only as a sales tool but also as a useful source of information about ovulation cycles, ovulation charting and symptoms, the effects of menstrual cycle length on fertility and ovulation calculations, and other fertility-related topics.

About the Ovu-Trac® Ovulation Predictor Kit

Based on research extending back to the 1940s, this fertility predictor kit allows women to determine their personal fertile days by tracking and viewing saliva samples in the privacy of their own homes. Unlike one-size-fits-all pregnancy calculators, Ovu-Trac® measures changes to a woman's individual fertility cycle, regardless of cycle length. Saliva exhibits noticeable changes during a woman's fertile phase, displaying a distinctive crystallization or "ferning" pattern. Ovu-Trac® was designed specifically to measure these changes. Ovu-Trac® is a licensed medical device in both Canada and the United States.

About OvumOptics, Inc.

OvumOptics, Inc. president and founder Colleen Biggs struggled for years to obtain accurate, reliable information about even basic fertility issues. "I felt like nobody could answer my questions -- my doctors were too busy or didn't know the answers, my friends told me to relax and my mother just offered me more tea," she says. "I began developing the Ovu-Trac® Ovulation Predictor Kit with the goal of providing women with a product that would include not only a valuable tool for identifying fertility, but also supportive literature to help them to both understand and re-connect with their bodies."

To order Ovu-Trac® or learn more about the kit, how it works, ovulation prediction and other fertility issues, please visit, or contact OvumOptics, Inc. at (403) 578-3055.