September 05, 2014 10:36 ET

OwnerIQ Offers Largest Retail Shopping Network for Online Video

OwnerIQ's Pre-Roll Solution Now Includes Vertical Channels Powered by Major Retailers

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Sep 5, 2014) - Advertisers can now target pre-roll video ads directly at active retail shoppers. That's thanks to a new feature offered by OwnerIQ, the inventor of Path to Purchase media, which focuses on reaching online shoppers with high purchasing power.

"Retail shoppers are the best audience for marketers to reach because they are in market to buy," said OwnerIQ Director of Retailer Targeted Marketing Michele Szabocsik. "Our relationships with major retailers give us access to 126 million active online shoppers each month. On these sites alone, shoppers will spend about $25 billion this year. These are the people you want to find."

The new feature will enable advertisers to buy 30-second and 15-second pre-roll video by channel, enabling them to target specific categories of retail shoppers. 

"For example, our 'parents' channel is powered by some of the biggest baby and toy retailers in the U.S.," said Szabocsik. "Using this channel, CPG marketers can reach more than 58 million parents, who will spend approximately $2.8 billion on these sites."

In order to become the top solution for retailers looking to monetize their 1st party data via digital advertising revenue, OwnerIQ forged partnerships with some of the nation's largest retailers. The company's network of active retail shoppers per month rivals the reach of 

"Like most marketers, our clients are going to continue to invest heavily in online video in the next few years," said Hill Holliday VP and Associate Media Director Jeff Zannella. "While targeting specific content has its advantages, we also leverage targeting proxies based on their ability to get us closer to shoppers in the decision-making process. OwnerIQ's solution is an effective opportunity for our clients because it connects their video assets directly with shoppers."

This story appeared first in The Ad Tech Press.

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OwnerIQ transforms the digital audiences of leading retail and manufacturing brands into Path to Purchase Media. Retailers use OwnerIQ to generate revenue, power co-operative advertising and drive channel sell-through. Manufacturers use OwnerIQ to activate their retail channels and drive sell through. Our retail and manufacturing clients enable OwnerIQ to offer the largest network of in-market shoppers to advertisers of all types. OwnerIQ's network of in-market shoppers combined with our unique technology that optimizes campaigns based consumer brand and product interaction delivers the most effective programmatic solution for shopper marketing and driving new customers. 

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