April 02, 2015 13:35 ET

OwnerIQ and Retail Solutions Inc. Partnership Brings Measurable ROI for Digital Advertising to Retail

Partnership Can Target, Optimize and Measure Retail Sales Impact of Digital Ads

BOSTON, MA and MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 2, 2015) - Retailers and product brands now have a better way to measure digital advertising's impact on retail sales, thanks to a partnership announced today by OwnerIQ, the leading digital marketing solution for retailers and product brands, and a leader in point-of-sale analytics, Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi). OwnerIQ is enhancing the optimization and attribution reporting features of its digital advertising portfolio by integrating retail store-level intelligence and sales data provided by Retail Solutions Inc. 

Through this unique partnership, it is now possible for product brands and retailers to not only target digital advertising at OwnerIQ's 200+ million in-market shoppers, but also measure the impact of that advertising's impact on in-store retail sales, as well as optimize their campaigns based on individual store location sales performance.

"Leveraging on our existing product suite, OwnerIQ can now offer product brands, retailers and shopper marketers a complete digital solution that finally closes the ROI loop," said OwnerIQ CEO Jay Habegger. "This partnership is important for our current and future partners, into the efficacy of enabling them with the ability to create demand store by store, and providing CPG brands with actionable intelligence that ultimately increases sales."

OwnerIQ will integrate Retail Solutions Inc.'s daily sales and inventory data from more than 150,000 store locations globally, with their portfolio of digital advertising solutions for retailers and product brands. By combining store-level UPC sales data with the largest set of 1st party retail shopper data, product brands and retailers can maximize the impact of their new product launches, promotions, and seasonal offers in their retail channels. Brands can also run different programs and creative executions in targeted zip codes in order to determine which stores respond best to which deals.

"Marketers are now able to build their businesses digitally based on local market, real-time sales opportunities by store," said Retail Solutions Inc. General Manager of Digital Services Michael Quinn. "By leveraging daily POS data by store, CPGs can better understand campaign effectiveness, consumer behavior and store response -- what's selling, where and why. New product introductions and promotions no longer need to wait for national advertising campaigns to kick in before product can be moved."

This story appeared first in Mediapost on April 2nd, 2015. OwnerIQ is Retail Solutions Inc.'s second partner in the digital space. OwnerIQ's proven leadership in the industry and their work with top consumer brands makes them an ideal partner for RSi.

About OwnerIQ
OwnerIQ is a digital marketing technology company that helps retailers and product brands transform data into powerful online advertising opportunities and increased revenue. OwnerIQ pioneered the concept of Path to Purchase Media. By transforming retailers' and manufacturers' 1st party data into digital advertising opportunities, OwnerIQ generates more revenue for our advertisers and partners. Our Optimized Shopper solution is the most effective approach to scaling advertisers' programmatic buys and is a proven method for driving new online customers. In addition, our Retailer Targeted Marketing and Vendor Targeted Marketing products are the next generation of retailer and manufacturer monetization, digital shopper marketing and co-operative advertising. For more information, visit

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Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi) turns retailer data into opportunity -- in the store, on the shelf and with shoppers worldwide. Designed to automate the path to purchase and drive value across the supply chain, RSi's proprietary algorithms, business processes and suite of intelligent, cloud-based applications help the world's leading consumer goods manufacturers listen and respond quickly to consumer demand -- ensuring the right product, is in the right store, at the right time. Each day, the RSi platform processes billions of records from nearly 100 major retailers in more than 150,000 locations throughout the world and turns the data into actionable insights for immediate decision making. From solving out-of-stocks, to identifying inaccuracies in the supply chain, to optimizing digital marketing efforts, RSi maximizes product availability, uncovers new business opportunities and drives sales. The RSi platform is trusted by more than 500 global CPG companies including such household names as Colgate-Palmolive, Nestlé and Procter & Gamble. To learn more about the company, visit: