SOURCE: Author Derek Pugh

Author Derek Pugh

August 09, 2011 08:53 ET

"The Owner's Guide To The Teenage Brain" Reveals How Teenagers Can Maximize Their Brain Capacity

A New Book Establishes a Pathway to Better Learning and Improved Relationships

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire - Aug 9, 2011) - Author Derek Pugh today announced the release of "The Owner's Guide To The Teenage Brain" (ISBN # 9781742840802), a must-have guide to the brain packed with practical tips for improved learning.

Written in a style that is easy to follow, this book is a match for any parent or teacher who wants to understand the teenage brain, and build more successful relationships with their teenagers.

"You forge much of your identity during the teenage years. A teenager who understands how the brain works is more likely to learn, remember more, and develop skills that maximize their brain efficiency," says Derek Pugh.

Pugh uses real life examples backed by recent findings in neuroscience to explain the concept behind the five "SEWBaD" secrets (Sleep, Exercise, Water, Breakfast and Diet) that can be used to maximize the effectiveness of our brains, and learning efficiency.

"A teenager who misses an hour of sleep each night risks being two years behind their age group in cognitive function and holds an eighty percent greater risk of becoming obese. By studying how the brain works and applying relevant learning techniques, teenagers will be able to learn and remember more profoundly," says Derek Pugh.

Neuroscientists are constantly working with educators such as Derek Pugh to show that there is a great deal to be done in improving our skills in teaching and learning.

An internationally renowned teacher with over 19 years in Australian and International Schools, his seminars and workshops have educated thousands about the function of the brain and better learning methods.

Derek Pugh balances time between workshops, conferences for teachers, students and parents, and translating the findings of neuroscientists into meaningful operational messages for teachers.

"The concept illustrated in 'The Owner's Guide To The Teenage Brain' will catapult your brain potential. Not only will you maximize your learning capabilities with a program that lasts, I will show you exactly how to learn and build upon your strengths and deploy strategies to develop your weaknesses with results that last a lifetime," says Derek Pugh.

Derek has previously written the acclaimed novel "Tammy Damulkurra."

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