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July 23, 2012 15:01 ET

Oxygenetix Changing the Face of Florida's Advanced Dermatology

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - Jul 23, 2012) - For Floridians recovery time is a bigger obstacle than money when it comes to having cosmetic procedures according to Dr. Matt Leavitt who runs more than 55 Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery practices throughout Florida, seeing an average of 9,000 patients a week. To alleviate downtime for his patients, Dr. Leavitt brought in a cutting edge product from Los Angeles called Oxygenetix, which is changing patients' hesitations towards cosmetic procedures by allowing more discretion to get chemical peels, Botox and facials whenever they want them -- even during a lunch break.

Oxygenetix is the first breathable makeup that allows the skin to breathe at 85 percent. Most makeup foundations and moisturizers only allow the skin to breathe 5-8 percent. Dr. Leavitt discovered the product line at a cosmetic and dermatology conference in Las Vegas and was the first to bring it to Florida. 

"Oxygenetix is the only makeup we've been able to use on a patient immediately after a chemical peel," says Dr. Leavitt. "You can return to work looking completely normal while your skin is literally healing and breathing under the coverage."

Creator of Oxygenetix, Barry Knapp, is one of Hollywood's go-to celebrity make-up artist and cosmetic designers who uses the foundation on major celebrities such as Brooke Shields, Paula Abdul and Billy Crystal. The product is also popular with actors on the sets of major television shows such as Glee, Dancing with the Stars, Entourage, American Idol and Mike and Molly.

Having flawless skin is part of the job description for celebrities but Knapp says they struggle with the same problems most people encounter when it comes to concealing age or fighting off skin imperfections.

"Make-up is the No. 1 enemy for skin. Your skin must breathe to be healthy, but it can't do that with layers of moisturizer, SPF and makeup caked on your face," says Knapp. "The preservatives in beauty products suppress any oxygen flow to your skin and directly contribute to aging and skin problems."

Knapp spent years with some of the top cosmetic chemists and formulators around the world to develop Oxygenetix after testing virtually every makeup on the market for breathability. The idea for Oxygenetix came to him when an athletic company started using Gore-Tex fabric in its clothing line to allow the skin to breathe during strenuous activities like mountain climbing.

"It made a lot of sense to me," says Knapp. "Then I started thinking if we shouldn't wear polyester and rayon clothes hiking, then why are women wearing polyester and rayon makeup everyday?"

In addition to covering up skin imperfections and outpatient cosmetic procedures, Oxygenetix is also successfully being used with burn victims. The foundation is available in all skin tones and only needs to be applied once during the day. It doesn't rub off on clothing and can withstand the scrutiny of high definition television. Oxygenetix can only be purchased through dermatology centers such as Advanced Dermatology ( A 75-day supply (moisturizer and makeup) costs around $70. To learn more about Oxygenetix, visit:

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