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Oyokey Inc.

September 10, 2013 09:00 ET

Oyokey Introduces New Recognition and Addressing Platform Featuring "People Friendly" kiTags™ Technologies

Oyokey Joins Naya Ventures Portfolio of Companies

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Sep 10, 2013) - Oyokey Inc., a pioneer in cloud-based addressing and recognition platforms, today introduced the kiTags™ Technology Platform, an innovative, patent-pending alternative to "scan only" form factors such as QR Code and Mobile Visual Search.

Oyokey's team, led by founder Nitin Anand, developed this new addressing and recognition system utilizing a complete "People-Friendly" process, including easy to recall natural language kiTags™ (stands for Keyword Identifier Tags) action codes, easy-to-access web and mobile activation systems and easy-to-manage operational platforms. The kiTags™ Technology Platform will be introduced into controlled testing in late September with several clients.

"2D Barcodes or QR codes were meant for machines to talk to machines; people should not be exposed to barcodes to trigger information," states Anand. He continues, "Other recognition technologies like Mobile Visual Search are effective but are difficult to scale up to ongoing, multiple campaign marketing programs or extensive corporate digital document projects."

kiTags™ action codes, which will appear in corporate advertising or internal digital tracking programs, take the form such as "kiTags™ can be used by voice, type or scan not just on mobile device but on any device connected to the Internet. In addition, kiTags™ can be searched within Internet search engines or hyperlinked in an online text format," says Anand.

Among the technology breakthroughs of the new kiTags™ Technology Platform are:

  • A new natural language based addressing form factor that are a combination of High Response Keywords and the client's protected web domain.
  • A corresponding mobile app (Oyokey kiTags™ Reader - available at Google Play for Android devices) that allows kiTags™ to be typed, scanned or spoken. This technology can be embedded within any company's native app.
  •  "Voice URL" or "Voice QR Code", allowing users to access the most relevant URL destination by simply speaking.
  • Multilingual Activation, allowing usage across global markets.
  • The ability to activate kiTags™ action codes within search engines, providing valuable SEO option and directing users to more targeted information.

The kiTags™ technologies will be offered in both a Mobile Media Activation Marketing Platform (similar to QR Codes) and a Corporate Digital Asset Tagging Retrieval System (similar to Electronic Document Tagging programs). "We immediately saw the significant application of this 'People Friendly' technology within our other customer centric mobile solutions," says Dayakar Puskoor of Naya Ventures, Oyokey's seed investor. "Microsoft Tag and QR codes are products where users cannot recognize the brand and are a bit untrustworthy. With Oyokey's kiTags™ action codes, you can immediately recognize the brand," says Puskoor.

"Using kiTags™ action codes and our SaaS platforms has received favorable reviews with our initial marketing and strategy clients," says Jeff King, CMO of Oyokey Inc. "Their consumers and employees can easily read the kiTags™ and simply activate the most relevant digital offer or document." (Such as Oyokey will be testing a variety of consumer friendly action codes that will incorporate the brand logos, special campaign slogans and new product taglines(For more information about the new SaaS Solutions, download the Oyokey kiTags™ Reader Mobile App for Android phones and scan, type or voice the kiTags™ action code:

About Oyokey

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Oyokey Inc. (stands for Own Your Own Keywords) is a privately-held company specializing in cloud-based addressing and recognition platforms. Oyokey is actively growing its corporate team and client base.

The company is headed by Nitin Anand, the inventor and visionary behind the kiTags™ Technology Platform and other Oyokey's patent pending technologies. Oyokey is seed funded and backed by Naya Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm focused in the mobile and SaaS businesses.

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