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P & P Data Systems

September 16, 2011 12:02 ET

P & P Data Systems is Granted EMR Specification 4.0 Conditional Approval from OntarioMD

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 16, 2011) - P & P Data Systems (www.p-pdata.com) announces today that it has received its Conditional Approval under Ontario's EMR Specification 4. This maintains P & P's pattern of being one of the first EMR vendors to be Conditionally Approved under Ontario' EMR Specifications.

P & P will be launching CIS 8 this fall once Funding Eligible status has been achieved. The updated EMR will be sleeker, with a strong focus on usability. "Our goal is always to reduce the time spent doing administrative tasks and increase the amount of time physicians spend with their patients," Bill Churchill, head of P & P's development team states. "Our primary goal was to reduce mouse clicks and keyed entry while fulfilling all of the requirements of Specification 4.0."

However, CIS 8 not quite ready to go yet. P & P has been granted Conditional Approval which means the company is allowed to move forward with the next step in the approval process: the software must be tested in an active clinic. Testing the EMR in a busy clinic is a crucial step of any release. With 3 test sites lined up, P & P's CEO and President, Moshe Pinhas is confident, "Once our software goes into a test site, it works." After 45 days of the clinic successfully using the EMR, P & P expects to receive Funding Eligible status.

There are plenty of new features in Specification 4. Most notably, it requires all approved EMR Offerings to provide integrated help files. These help files will benefit EMR users as they will provide another training and troubleshooting resource. "Most of our clients are computer savvy people," Pinhas says, "With just a little guidance, they are completely capable of learning the ins and outs of our software on their own. We hope the help files will save them the time and energy required for a call into our support desk."

By going through the approval process, P & P reassures its clients that by using their EMR, their clinic will be eligible for their continued funding from OntarioMD. Pinhas states, "As long as OntarioMD requires these approvals, we will participate. We know it's important to our clients, so we make it a number one priority." When Funding Eligible status is awarded, P & P clients, new and old alike, will continue to be eligible for OntarioMD funding.

P & P Data Systems Inc. remains dedicated to serving the healthcare marketplace by developing systems that cater to every medical specialty. P & P provides highly skilled trainers and implementation specialists to lead clinical administrative staff into the new world of electronic record-keeping. With P & P's support, medical practices achieve their goals of enjoying cost-effective systems with advanced capabilities. These systems increase productivity and deliver significant economies. Visit www.p-pdata.com.

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