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July 22, 2015 15:48 ET

Pacific Biomarkers Announces the Release of an Innovative Mobile Biomarker App for Apple and Android

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Jul 22, 2015) - Pacific Biomarkers announced the release of a novel mobile biomarker app featuring a unique and innovative way to connect with their clients. Pacific Biomarkers is a specialty biomarker testing laboratory that has supported clinical trials for more than 25 years. The Pacific Biomarkers Mobile App provides access to new innovative tools, such as the BIOMARKER NAVIGATOR™ and is an interactive platform that allows clients to create biomarker information reports instantly from our broad biomarker testing menu. The report lists numerous biomarker characteristics including biological significance, stability, test method, volume required plus other pertinent information. 

With the BIOMARKER NAVIGATOR™ our clients can:

  • Identify biomarkers appropriate for a clinical trial after entering therapeutic area, medical condition, and specimen type collected.
  • Retrieve list of suggested biomarkers by relevance.
  • Generate instant detailed biomarker reports to drop into your email inbox.
  • From your device share instantly with your colleagues or request a quote for laboratory testing or simply request a scientific consultation.
  • Browse quickly through our 300+ biomarkers.
  • Submit a request for a biomarker validation.

"We believe that our new mobile app is a tool that will provide immediate assistance for our clients in identifying appropriate biomarkers and retrieve critical information at their leisure available at their fingertips. We are pleased with our initial version of our app and anticipate that with increasing client interaction and interest we will enhance the usefulness of the app for our clients," said Amar Sethi, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Pacific Biomarkers. "We are introducing a mobile and interactive biomarker tool to the drug development process. The primary benefit of this novel app is to improve the timeliness and access to needed biomarker information in support of drug development and clinical trials."

The Pacific Biomarkers Mobile App is available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

For additional information about this technology, please visit our website:

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Pacific Biomarkers
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