Pacific Gold Corp.

October 23, 2013 14:18 ET

Pacific Gold Corp.: Nevada Rae Gold-Update


Pacific Gold Corp. (the "Company") announced today that its consulting engineers have completed the drawings and plans for a system of concrete ponds to be built at the Black Rock Canyon Mine to replace the now removed geotextile bag system.

The Company plans to file an engineering design change shortly with state and federal regulators to amend the mine operating permits to receive consent for the construction of the new concrete ponds.

Originally the Black Rock Canyon Mine was built with 4 main settling ponds that were naturally lined and were able to settle sediment tailings of gravel from the mine production, however cleaning the ponds was a very difficult procedure and required the Company to establish another method of cleaning the mine process water. At that time the Company changed the original ponds to a system of geotextile bags, and while these bags were able to clean the process water, the bags were difficult for mine staff to manage and clean on a day to day basis.

The Company believes that the newly planned concrete lined ponds will provide the settling aspects of the original plant design but will allow heavy equipment to move into the ponds on a regular basis to allow for an easy clean-up and thus finally allow the plant to operate as originally intended.

Additionally the Company plans to install a desanding unit made up of a bank of hydro-cyclones and a dewatering screen to help remove solids prior to the process water being deposited into the new concrete ponds.

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Pacific Gold Corp. (OTCQB:PCFG) is focused on alluvial gold and base metals operations located in western North America. Pacific Gold Corp. owns three operating subsidiaries: Nevada Rae Gold, Inc., which owns and operates the Black Rock Canyon gold mine, located in north-central Nevada; Fernley Gold, Inc., which has acquired exclusive lease rights to mine the Lower Olinghouse Placers in north-western Nevada; and Pacific Metals Corp., (OTCBB:PMET) which owns mining claims in San Juan and Delores Counties, Colorado, encompassing the historic Graysill Mine.

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