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December 06, 2011 07:00 ET

Pacific Power Source Offers Power Calculator App for the iPhone

Use the Power Calculator iPhone App to Help Define Your AC Test Power Requirement

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 6, 2011) - Pacific Power Source introduces the Power Calculator iPhone application that calculates the current, voltage, resistance and power demanded by a given load. The application supports both single-phase and three-phase calculations, as well as displaying the formulas used to calculate the results.

From the conference room to the test floor, the application provides quick and convenient access to power related data. The simple data input process eliminates the need to recall and execute seldom used formulas on handheld calculators. With the versatility and portability enjoyed in a mobile setting, the ability to quickly evaluate scenarios is placed at your fingertips.

From the power calculator homepage, the application permits the user to select either single-phase or three-phase power circuits. Variables specific to the selected power circuit, (i.e. voltage, current, resistance, kVA, kW), are presented on the second screen where the user is prompted to input two values plus power factor to calculate the results. In addition to the 'Calculate' button, a 'Formulas' button directs the user to various graphic screens that depict the formulas used to perform the calculations. A 'Help' screen is also provided that offers definitions, abbreviations and comments on the application that help guide the user through an overall informative exercise in the world of power electronics.

"At one time or another, most engineers have been trained in basic power concepts, but the formulas they use are most often those directly related to their area of expertise," Mitchel Orr said, Pacific Power Source's Vice President of Sales.

"An engineer determining the efficacy of a heat sink might be very familiar with Fourier's law of heat conduction, but when is the last time they calculated Ohm's law? One might recall the simple calculation I=E/R when working with single-phase loads, but what about three-phase? Will 17A, 18A, or 19A be enough current? This application quickly and easily calculates the total power helping them to determine the right size power source for the job."

Users have long relied on Pacific's AC Power Sources for their ability to deliver high quality AC Power under the most severe combination of input line, output voltage, power factor and temperature. With the new iPhone application, Pacific Power Source integrates new communication technologies to expand product knowledge, comprehension and customer service for AC Power Source users. The easy-to-use application addresses the instant Internet convenience and accessibility demanded by professionals and clientele globally. To download the free Pacific Power Source Power Calculator, go to, or search for it on iTunes.

About Pacific Power Source:
Pacific Power Source, Inc., founded in 1973, is a world leader in high-performance AC Power Sources and Power Conversion Equipment. The company designs and manufactures its products at its headquarters and main facility in Irvine, Calif., and maintains sales and service centers in China (Shanghai), the United Kingdom (Guildford) and France (Strasbourg). In addition, Pacific Power Source has a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors.

Pacific's products range in power from 500 VA to greater than 625 kVA. Low-power products are used in power line conditioning, frequency conversion and programmable AC Test power applications. High-power systems include programmable power test equipment, power line conditioners, frequency converters and battery-backed AC Power Sources. The company can also design and customize products to exacting customer specifications. Whether the requirement is for an AC Test System, current source or fully integrated ATE rack, Pacific Power Source has a solution.

Major markets served by Pacific Power Source include Commercial/Industrial and Military, with applications ranging from Research and Development and Manufacturing to Facility Power. Key market segments include Aerospace, Appliances ("Whiteware"), Communications, Computers, Government Laboratories, Lighting, and Test and Measurement Instrumentation. The company's customers include a broad array of domestic, military, and multinational firms with operations throughout the world.

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