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Pacific Property Transfer

September 17, 2013 14:12 ET

Pacific Property Transfer Assists Timeshare Owners

TORRANCE, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 17, 2013) - Pacific Property Transfer is pleased to announce the launch of a long-term effort to help private timeshare owners sell or transfer their properties without enduring a confusing foreign sale process or damaging their credit ratings. The company provides a comprehensive suite of services to shepherd busy investors and leisure owners through every step of the transfer process.

Pacific Property Transfer has distinguished itself by providing resort owners and developers with back-end settlement services for traded-in timeshares, but its renewed focus on timeshare end-users promises to boost its visibility and expand its roster of satisfied clients. With over 50 years of collective experience in the real estate business, the Pacific Property Transfer team works hard on behalf of developers, investors and vacationers.

The company's end-user services aim to fill a glaring hole in the vacation-rental business. For various reasons, it is exceedingly difficult for rank-and-file timeshare owners to dispose of their properties on the secondary market. Even owners who spend many weeks per year in their chosen destinations may lack familiarity with the local language, real estate market and legal customs. Since the market for timeshares is truly global, most timeshare owners have difficulty locating willing buyers on the private market. Those who do find buyers are often unable to navigate an unfamiliar closing process. In many cases, it can even be difficult for regular owners to manage the trade-in process with reputable developers and resort managers.

With the redoubling of its efforts to serve timeshare end-users, Pacific Property Transfer is committed to eliminating these problems. Property owners who work with Pacific Property Transfer no longer have to resort to deeding their properties to a family member, listing them on international real estate boards, accepting sketchy or fraudulent buyout offers, or accepting the long-term credit-score hit associated with foreclosure.

Pacific Property Transfer attends to every step of the timeshare transfer process. The company's bilingual professionals have experience in a number of complex timeshare markets and can smoothly navigate the often treacherous waters of timeshare transfers.

After an initial deed search, Pacific Property Transfer prepares the necessary transfer documents and collects payment from a willing buyer. Next, the company's professionals properly record the deed transfer and collect all appropriate recording fees. After depositing the buyer's payment in an account of the seller's choosing, Pacific Property Transfer informs the resort or development firm that oversees the timeshare of the ownership change. Throughout the process, the company provides regular status updates and facilitates communication between all involved parties.

Pacific Property Transfer's private client services are revolutionizing the timeshare transfer market. For more information about the company and its approach, call +1 (888) 794-7612 or visit

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