PACT Youth Crime Reduction Program

PACT Youth Crime Reduction Program

April 11, 2007 09:00 ET

PACT LifeSkills Launch is "Magic" for Youth in Conflict with the Law

Magic Program to innovate learning and Life Skills inside GTA-based detention centre and at downtown YMCA - Charged Youth to perform their Community Contribution at local hospitals, Community Centres

Attention: Arts/Entertainment Editor, Assignment Editor, City Editor, Education Editor, News Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, PRESS RELEASE--(CCNMatthews - April 11, 2007) - The award-winning PACT Youth Crime Reduction Program, a charitable organization that deals with youth crime in the GTA, is thrilled to announce the launch of PACTMAGIC, a life-skills magic program for youth in conflict with the law.

Led by David Grosfield, AKA Baldini - Man of Magical Mystery, a local magician who has worked with the Toronto Blue Jays and YTV, PACTMAGIC will teach youth in conflict with the law (either inside detention, on probation, or facing a community-service order) how to perform a number of magic tricks in a magically interactive and supportive skills-based learning environment.

The Magic program will be divided into two streams.

1. PACT Brings Lifeskills into Detention Centre
The first will be an innovative new program that works inside a GTA detention centre to introduce youth to the exciting new PACTMAGIC Program and make a connection with them early while they are still in custody. This will build initial trust and allow an easier transition for youth who may then go on to attend other community-based PACT LifeSkills programs such as the Film or Cooking Schools, once they are released into the community and on Probation. This is a new model for PACT LifeSkills and should lead to more opportunities for creating meaningful connections with at risk youth within our city.

2. YMCA-GTA Shows Community Outreach to Youth in Conflict With the Law
The next stream will be akin to PACT's existing LifeSkills programs which exist for probation, court liaison officers and youth agencies. This program will be run within the community and will leverage a brand-new strategic friendship between PACT and the YMCA of Greater Toronto to create Lifeskills Accessibility to Cooking, Film and Magic Programs for youth in conflict with the law in the downtown core.

The main difference between the two programs is the Community Service component. Youth within the detention centre will conclude their experience by performing for an audience within the facility. In the community based scenario, youth will work towards a performance for sick children in hospitals or seniors at a retirement home. In each case, the youth will have an opportunity to showcase the healing power of magic.

"Magic is one of the strongest positive entities in existence," said Grosfield, aka Baldini. "This program is designed to spark a passion and create a positive groundswell in these kids."

How it works
Youth referred to the Magic School will meet once per week for two hours, each week, over a six week period, culminating in a magic show put on by the students for a selected audience such as children at the a local hospital or residents of a local seniors home. (Youth in detention will put a show on for parents in the detention centre.)

Each week will present a new theme (e.g. card tricks, tricks with elastic bands etc..) and Baldini will perform a number of tricks related to that theme spending the most time on the trick he has selected to teach the students during that session.

Baldini will then spend the rest of the class instructing the youth on how to perform the trick and at the end of each class, the youth will each get an opportunity to perform the trick in front of the rest of the class.


About PACT Lifeskills Programs
The PACT Youth Crime Reduction Program takes a holistic approach to reducing youth crime within our urban communities.
PACT Lifeskills and Community service projects offer a positive opportunity for youth to make restitution for their behaviour by providing service to the community in which they offended, allowing them to begin the process of reintegration.
In addition to referrals through its main Restorative Justice mediation program, PACT is designed to take referrals from Probation, Crown attorneys and Judges, community agencies and duty counsel.
PACT strives to combine productive community contribution with practical skills development. The combination of these two important components helps to empower our youth, foster team-building behaviour and develop self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment


About The PACT Youth Crime Reduction Program
PACT (participation, acknowledgment, commitment and transformation,) is a privately-funded, charitable program designed to dramatically reduce youth crime by positively changing the behavioural patterns of youth in conflict with the law.
The Program is divided into three pillars:
* Traditional Restorative Justice Mediation;
* Life-skills and Community Service;
* Lifeplan Coaching for more serious, upstream youth.

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