June 27, 2011 09:22 ET

PAID Inc. Drives Online Sales, Loyalty for Clients via Enhanced CRM, Analytics

CRM and Proprietary Content Management Tools Enable PAID Inc. Clients to Earn More and Own More of the Business They Create

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Jun 27, 2011) - PAID Inc. (OTCBB: PAYD) has raised the bar for delivering consumer intelligence to its range of clients with the sweeping upgrade of integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology and analytics tools. Recognizing the need celebrities and businesses alike require when it comes to connecting with their fans/customers online, PAID's enhanced business intelligence suite provides a better view of who the customer is, refines the ability to reach them and to know what they want and where, when and how they want to buy it. This is the result of smarter analytics, a closer relationship with customers and, ultimately, increases sales that happen more quickly and at higher margins.

"PAID Inc. provides direct-to-customer services for our clients," said Keith Garde, president of PAID celebrity services. "Each of our services sees a number of customer touch-points and each is an opportunity to capture customer data which we funnel into a single, central database -- our CRM system. By analyzing the customer data and qualifying the consumer and their behavior, we can target each customer much more efficiently, reducing the time and cost of sale, while increasing margins. We deliver a growing customer base with sustainable year round value that can be independent of tour cycles and new product releases. Direct-to-fan communication and sales increase loyalty; result in faster turns of merchandise and bigger profits; and enable clients to have greater control of the process while they earn more and own more of the business they have created in the first place."

PAID powers its client brands with improved direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns that increase sales online and offline. For example, entertainment acts that sell tickets through ticketing agencies generally don't get access to the customer/ticket buyer data. PAID Inc. provides its clients with data it captures across all their clients' customer-facing services. The customer data provided by PAID is critical to building client-customer loyalty and driving direct-to-consumer sales. PAID's CRM and analytics expertise significantly increases the value of the customer data and enables its clients to own and control their list of customers. With PAID managing the customer data, clients can see much greater value by monetizing their customer databases in entirely new ways.

James Moore, PAID Director of Innovation and Development, stated, "We have invested in CRM, content management upgrades and staffing to integrate all of our customer data into a central system that enables us to expand far beyond the typical online sale. When you have an affinity group that is uniquely qualified and quantified, you deliver an active, engaged group of consumers who are extremely appealing to advertisers, opening the door to advertising and sponsorship opportunities as well as market research that can provide additional revenue streams."

PAID has also enhanced its proprietary content management system (PCMS) being used for website content management as well as upgrading servers to increase speed and reliability. The company expects to realize increased productivity in conjunction with cost reductions, critical benefits as PAID and their clients see an increase in business volume.

The data captured by PAID during the direct-to-customer initiatives and especially sales, enables PAID to better understand its customers' needs and the ability to meet these needs. In addition to better metrics and the ability to centralize and integrate marketing campaigns, PAID's latest investment in technology allows for the automation of more processes and more efficient customer service.

"The new integrated CRM system is already driving increased sales and improving reporting," said Alison Connell, PAID's new VP of Marketing. "Because we know more about our audience, we're able to design more customized programs that can bring in increased revenue. By virtue of having these capabilities for data capture, analysis and reporting, we are improving effectiveness and efficiency."

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