Axxess Payments

Axxess Payments

October 04, 2012 08:00 ET

Palm Sized Payment Power Introduced By Axxess Payments

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Oct. 4, 2012) - The mobile payments world has long been under development, attempting to perfect the small business' ability to accept payments from anywhere cellular signals are available. On the ground floor of innovation mixed with affordability sits Axxess Payments, the merchant services provider with immeasurable technological experience in payment gateway integrations. With an expected 250% increase in mobile payment processing by 2014, Axxess Payments knew jumping onboard with low pricing technology that spans across Blackberry, iTunes and Android networks would certainly increase their already large customer base.

Already leading the charge in payment processing in North America, Axxess Payments has brought mobile payments to life using current cellular technologies and partnerships with major cellular networks to propagate the quickest way for businesses to get paid while on the go. Jumping ahead of competitors through multiple sales tax entries and signature capture make using this technology vital for businesses of all sizes, including those who even operate yard sales. The innovative card reader connects seamlessly to your mobile phone audio jack and allows quick swiping, fast customer deposits and even streamlines the receipt printing process along the way.

Already PCI compliant, Axxess Payments knows this innovation will take off quickly since they're offering competitive rates on each transaction. The sleek application interface allows for sales or refunds to be appended while there is even an option to allow customers to leave tips. Currently the credit card processing company is offering their card reader free of charge once customers enroll into their payment processing program. Most importantly, however, no customer information is stored on the mobile phone or in user accounts, making this platform exponentially safe for worldwide payment acceptance.

More About Axxess Payments

An already dynamic force in payment processing, merchant terminal services and general payment gateway innovations, Axxess Payments provides industry-leading 1.39% transaction fees on their normal credit card terminal processing along with guarantees on all hardware supplied, which includes their newly introduced mobile credit card readers. This Canadian-based firm, registered with People's Trust of Vancouver, BC as an ISO/MSP provider, also supplies wireless gateways, online shopping carts and ecommerce security services.

Getting In Touch With Axxess Payments

Jumping onboard with this exciting new mobile payment processing technology is just a phone call or website visit away. For all inquiries related to merchant services and mobile payment processing technology, feel free to contact Axxess Payments toll-free or by visiting their site on the web. All media related inquiries should be addressed via website form.

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