SOURCE: Lauren Greenberg, M.D.

February 26, 2013 08:01 ET

Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon Authors Plastic Surgery Blog for Women

Dr. Lauren Greenberg, Who Heads Her Private Palo Alto Plastic Surgery Practice, Also Writes a Regular Blog That Addresses the Skin and Body Concerns of Women

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 26, 2013) - Dr. Lauren Greenberg, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Palo Alto, authors a blog in connection with her private practice's website that specifically focuses on plastic surgery issues for women. She refers to her blog as a "Girlfriends Guide to Plastic Surgery" and posts about topics ranging from skincare to mommy makeovers.

In a recent post entitled What's A "Menopot?" Why is Your Midline Thickening? In Your 40s and 50s is Your Weight Creeping Up?, the Palo Alto plastic surgeon addresses a change in the body that many women face as they age. Crediting the term to More magazine, Dr. Greenberg defines menopot as "the pot around your belly, the thickening of your midline, the loss of waist definition which occurs around the dreaded menopause."

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Greenberg hears two major complaints from her Palo Alto plastic surgery patients in their mid to late 40s: the loss of a waistline (or a growing waistline) and a gradual increase in weight. She cites many probable causes for these changes including pregnancy, metabolic slowdown, changes in muscle to fat ratio, and changing levels of estrogen and progesterone.

In response to the changes caused by pregnancy, Dr. Greenberg says that a key part of her role as a plastic surgeon is offering abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck) and liposuction. She highlights that a tummy tuck isn't simply intended to make the stomach pretty again -- the procedure is also reconstructive and involves suturing the internal rectus muscles (the abdominal muscles) back together again.

In a follow-up post titled What Can You Do About The Menopot And The Weight Creep Around Menopause?, Dr. Greenberg discusses tactics for women who want to combat the effects of menopot. These techniques include increasing the woman's base metabolic rate, improving sleeping habits, increasing the number of calories spent digesting food, and increasing muscle mass through exercise.

Dr. Greenberg notes that though she is a plastic surgeon and can resolve many of the menopot issues through surgery, she does not recommend liposuction or tummy tuck procedures until her patients have control of their weight changes. If her patients choose to have body contouring procedures while they are still in the process of gaining weight, fat can be removed but they will eventually lose their new shape over time. Through her blog, Dr. Greenberg educates her patients that once their weight has stabilized, she can perform body contouring procedures that yield lasting results.

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Dr. Lauren Greenberg is a graduate of Dartmouth College and earned her medical degree at Northwestern University Medical School. She completed her general surgery and plastic surgery residencies at Stanford University. In addition to being a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Greenberg has published chapters in surgical textbooks and delivered numerous medical presentations across the country. She is available for interview upon request.

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