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September 29, 2009 12:59 ET

Palomar Technologies Improves Standards on Wire and Die Bonding Systems

CARLSBAD, CA--(Marketwire - September 29, 2009) - Palomar Technologies, provider of automated precision microelectronic and optoelectronic assembly equipment and contract assembly services, announced today that it has improved standards on popular wire bonding and die bonding systems.

"With the increase in demand for applications such as LED Packaging and RF Packaging, we decided to leverage our specialty options into standard offerings... in essence, the customer gets a comprehensive automated packaging system out of the box," said Daniel D. Evans, Jr., Senior Scientist at Palomar Technologies.

The auxiliary wire feature is a keystone of odd form-factor packages. Used in a variety of high reliability military, medical and high power communication applications, auxiliary wire consists of pre- and post-wire bonds, security bonds and bumps, stand-off-stitch as well stacking bumps. Its value is found in its great flexibility, using multiple types of wire configurations in the same package.

Chain Bonding, which has been a proven cost-effective alternative to wedge bonding, is used for high power applications such as RF Module Packaging. Tailless Bump is a type of ball bump application that is used in Wafer Bumping of High Power LEDs, MCM, specialty lead frames and large complex hybrid applications. Bond Data Miner (BDM) is an integrated software that allows the bonder user to automatically verify the machine's performance and test application processes. It also allows customers to review data captured during bonding of every bond labeled with date, time, part, wire, bond, and part identification if available.

Palomar Microelectronics, the contract assembly and manufacturing division of Palomar Technologies, has developed an integrated ID tracking software for wire and die bonding processes. Contract assembly customers gain the benefit of leveraging Palomar's own experts to develop complex assembly processes to build their products at high yield.

Earlier this year, Palomar made strategic alliances with three companies that manufacture complimentary systems: manual bonders, fluid dispensing systems and bond testers and die sorters.

About Palomar Technologies:

Palomar Technologies (formerly part of Hughes Aircraft Company) is the world's foremost supplier of automated high-precision wire bonders, die bonders and component placement systems combined with process development and contract assembly services to increase yield and lower costs for microelectronic device manufacturers.

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