Panacea Global, Inc.

Panacea Global, Inc.

February 10, 2014 08:30 ET

Panacea Global's Early Cancer Detection Test Now Offered on an Automated Testing Platform

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Feb. 10, 2014) - Panacea Global, Inc. ("Panacea") (OTCBB:PANG) a biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of diagnostic products for the management of cancer, announced today the development of a fully automated device for commercialization of its early cancer diagnostics test.

Panacea Global newly designed ELISA machine is a custom-designed, fully-automated solution to detect the presence of HAAH, a novel biomarker present in cancer patients' blood samples. With minimal operator interference, the device manages all aspects of the test protocol with the highest degree of conformity. The automation is currently capable of managing over 1000 patients per day. A series of hardware and accompanying software ensure that both accuracy and reproducibility of Panacea's test is maintained at its highest level.

"The newly developed customized and automated system will allow Panacea Global commercialization of our cutting-edge early cancer marker on a global scale," said Dr. Mahmood Moshiri, Panacea's President and CEO. "The device will allow us and our partners to saves time and resources, eliminate human errors, and ensure high-quality results. Furthermore, the automation allows for stronger management of patient identification throughout the process. This reduces the opportunity for misdiagnosis and mislabeling."

About Panacea Global

Panacea Global is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of diagnostic products for the management of cancer. Panacea has developed an accurate, timely, cost effective and non-invasive early cancer detection test to increase the quality of life of cancer patients and ultimately saving lives. Panacea's test is based on the detection of the human aspartyl (asparaginyl) β-hydroxylase (HAAH), a novel biomarker expressed in malignant cancer cells in patients' blood samples. Panacea Global has the exclusive worldwide (excluding the USA) rights to HAAH-based cancer tests. More information about Panacea Global (OTCBB:PANG) is available at

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