February 16, 2007 09:51 ET

PANAMERSA Corporation Announces New Symbol (PNMS) Coupled With a 545% Increase in Fourth Quarter Net Earnings

2007 Earnings Expected to Pick Up Momentum and Remain Strong All Year

DALLAS, TX and PANAMA CITY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 16, 2007 -- PANAMERSA Corporation announces new symbol (PINKSHEETS: PNMS). The change became official today and will allow investors to trade under the new symbol beginning at the opening bell.

"I have watched this company grow exponentially over the last year," said Mike Terrell, PANAMERSA Corporation CEO. "This change will allow us to invest further in infrastructure projects by giving us a name that more correctly meets our mission. We feel the growth we have seen recently is only the tip of the iceberg."

Fourth quarter earnings for 2006, released yesterday, show posted net earnings over third quarter 2006 at an increase of 545 percent. Annual revenues rose to $46.4 million and year-end net profits showed $27.4 million. Released numbers also reflect PANAMERSA Corporation's acquisitions producing and receivables current. This name change is expected to strengthen PANAMERSA Corporation's position in the market as new opportunities continue to arrive daily and a solid foundation is built to increase numbers even further in 2007.

PANAMERSA Corporation is a group of dynamic, forward-looking business entities dedicated to assisting in the commercial integration of Latin America into the economic development of the western hemisphere, Pan-America and the rest of the world. Strategy includes investments in Pan-American companies and infrastructure projects in Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador and the Caribbean. The company's vision is to provide infrastructure while protecting the Earth's flora, fauna and water resources, promoting individual commitment to carbon neutrality status and sponsoring MicroForests in a fight against global warming.

Recent announcements in acquisitions and mergers include the development of a mega-tourist project, Port SAE La Fortaleza, and a joint venture with DESIMPLEX. PANAMERSA Corporation, through Fundacion Pan America, is authorized to serve as a depository for financial assets and create a convenient, secure way for clients to arrange a secure financial future for themselves and their successors.

"We continue to add new investment opportunities that aid in the growth of PANAMERSA Corporation," said Terrell. "I am excited to see what the future holds, as we invest in surefire opportunities with mature companies throughout Pan-America."

PANAMERSA Corporation (PINKSHEETS: PNMS) is a holding company for a group of business enterprises which promotes the commercial integration of Latin America into the economic development of the Western Hemisphere. PANAMERSA Corporation is engaged in global e-commerce and e-biz solutions offering interactive e-commerce and e-biz programs in addition to a range of goods and services online including: prepaid debit cards; e-commerce merchant accounts; life insurance policies, gold transactions; telephony services, text messaging, VoIP, MicroForests properties, real estate investment participations, fixed and variable income real estate properties in Costa Rica and Panama, offshore financial services, asset management and protection; travel services, leisure, business, health, relocation services, and digital marketing services.

Forward-looking statements are not historical facts as "forward-looking statements" defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform of 1995. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance. Our forward-looking statements are the result of profound analysis on trends in our globalizing economies that we anticipate in our industry. It is our good faith vision and estimate of the effect on the globalization, integration and electronic business trends will have on our company. Our statements are also subject to risks and uncertainties beyond our reasonable control that could cause the results of operations to differ materially from those reflected in our forward-looking statements.

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