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April 25, 2017 09:01 ET

Pandera Systems Announces BI-Monitoring Mobile App, Empowering Organizations to Excel Through Data-Driven Management

Sense, a BI health monitoring tool, boasts a comprehensive view of analytics platforms, systems, usage and overall adoption to identify, alert and help resolve problems before they impact business operations

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Apr 25, 2017) - Pandera Systems, a leading, full-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions provider, announces today a new monitoring application, Sense, which helps organizations gain visibility into the stability and reliability of their analytics platforms along with usage and adoption trends. Sense provides a comprehensive, real-time look into a company's BI platform and surfacing key performance indicators (KPIs), such as system usage and user development activity, in order to allow companies to proactively manage the multi-channel reporting assets driving their business. With Sense's monitoring capabilities available anytime, anywhere, organizations are empowered with the information necessary to become forward-thinking, thereby predicting and solving problems before they impact critical business processes.

"Before Sense, companies did not have a way to understand the correlation amongst BI systems, applications and usage health, but rather considered the statistics of each individually. The danger here lies in the inability to see how problems in one component impact another, which could lead to poor, misinformed decision-making that will likely cost the company time and money," said Garrett Reck, Product Architect for Pandera's Sense. "Even with powerful BI and analytics tools at their disposal, 59 percent of Fortune 500 companies experience a minimum of 1.6 hours of downtime per week, which translates to more than $46 million per year in lost labor productivity, not to mention user adoption issues that arise due to lack of confidence in the stability of the system."

"Managers and business leaders will no longer have to rely on a reactive, wait-and-see approach to get things right," added Matthew Campo, Sense Product Architect. "With Sense, they can proactively pinpoint where a problem might originate within their company's BI system, use Sense's proven metrics to make swift, well-informed changes to address it, and then monitor how those decisions impact their organization in real-time."

By utilizing Sense to consolidate and monitor platform health, BI teams unlock quantifiable information necessary to transform otherwise siloed data into actionable intelligence, allowing for new insights into user adoption, environment health trends and beyond -- all from a mobile view. In addition, Sense seamlessly integrates with Pandera's Intelligence Ecosystem product suite, unlocking potential for improved development quality and skill maturity, as well as platform optimization and targeted user support through issue occurrences. For example, the intelligence data collected in Sense can be delivered to ECO, an enterprise training and community engagement platform, and used to recommend user-specific training and support based on environment and user health trends. Essentially, Sense allows BI teams to identify and solve problems before users encounter them, and provides managers and executives the insights needed to grow their employees' knowledge and skills for a truly optimized analytics environment.

"Pandera is focused on cultivating data-centric corporate DNAs and engineering decision-making environments that mobilize business intelligence and immerse employees in knowledge," said Joshua Sutton, chief executive officer of Pandera Systems. "Sense is the latest example of that driving mission. It's so much more than a BI health monitoring application -- it puts management of your environment at your fingertips, unlocking correlations and insights that allow managers, leaders and IT teams to use their data to affect real, positive change within their organization."

In addition to its integration with Pandera's suite of solutions, Sense supports the leading enterprise business analytics platform, MicroStrategy. Pandera plans to expand Sense integration to other platforms later this year.

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