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Enablence Technologies Inc.

September 04, 2008 23:59 ET

Pannaway and Comtrend Partner to Deliver Bonded ADSL2+ Access Choices for Rural ILECS

Telco Easily Deploys Enhanced Services and Experiences Immediate Operational Expense Reductions

Portsmouth, NH - September 4, 2008 - (i)Pannaway Networks, a leading supplier of next generation Ethernet/IP Multi-Service Access Platforms for telecommunications service providers, today announced a strategic interoperability partnership with Comtrend, a leading global supplier of advanced networking products. The certification of Comtrend's NexusLink Bonded ADSL2+ Gateway with Pannaway's Broadband Access Switch (BAS™) and MAGNM-20™ platforms enables the two companies to provide bonded ADSL2+ solutions to customers in locations where fiber is not yet an option and higher-speed data and High Definition (HD) video is being delivered over copper access loops. As part of the agreement and in an effort to assure customer confidence in the joint solution, Pannaway and Comtrend have committed to ongoing software testing and interoperability certification.

"The all-Ethernet design and operational ease of the Pannaway platforms made them an excellent partner choice for Comtrend," said Andrew Morton general manager of North America for Comtrend. "We look forward to working with Pannaway to make the value of our relationship even greater for our joint customers."

Bonded ADSL2+ technology is an alternative for telcos whose services require higher speeds than traditional DSL technology can provide. Bonded ADSL2+, defined through the International Telecommunication Union's ITU-T G.998.1 standard, combines two or more copper pairs as a single connection. The technology allows telcos to deliver up to 48 Mbps of downstream bandwidth over a bonded set of copper pairs. Without the need for adding extra infrastructure, telcos have the ability to deliver to subscribers High-Definition Video along with higher data speeds at longer distances from a Central Office (CO).

Pannaway and Comtrend are leading the way in the delivery of this innovative technology. Unlike other access products which restrict bonding to contiguous ports, Pannaway's Broadband Access Server (BAS) and MAGNM-20 allow any-to-any bonding of up to four ports, enabling ultimate operational simplicity. This significantly simplifies the job of managing ADSL2+ port resources for the service provider. Unlike VDSL2 which can provide single pair high speed connectivity over short loop lengths, G.Bond ADSL2+ doubles speeds over the significantly longer loops commonly supported by IOCs in rural geographies. Similarly, Comtrend's NexusLink modem allows for this increased performance and provides a fully functional, managed (via TR-069) residential gateway.

"Vendor partnerships like this one with Comtrend will continue to be a key strategy for Pannaway. Integrated solutions, not just technologies, are what our customers require," said Ed Buchner, vice president of corporate marketing and partner development at Pannaway. "We are excited about working with Comtrend. They know their business, have great products, understand what customers need, and know how to partner."

About Comtrend Corporation

With more than 8 million products installed, Comtrend is a leading global supplier of Broadband equipment. Comtrend offers a broad array of leading edge, high-quality Broadband products that embeds ADSL, ADSL2+, Bonded ADSL2+, VDSL2 and GPON technologies to support; triple-play voice, video and data applications including IP-Video, VoIP, WiFi and industry standard QoS with VLAN traffic assignment; IGMP snooping and IGMP proxy providing efficient traffic management and control in IP multicast applications. Comtrend is a global company with headquarters in Irvine, California, and offices in Madrid, Spain and Taipei, Taiwan.. For more information, please visit www.comtrend.com.