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September 22, 2010 05:00 ET

Pano Logic Accelerates Zero Client Desktop Virtualization With New Services Offering

Pano QuickStart Service Offered Through Pano Certified Partners Will Help Customers Quickly Implement, Evaluate, Assess and Prove ROI on Zero Client Desktop Virtualization Using VMware

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - September 22, 2010) - New zero client computing converts can now rely on certified VDI experts to speed and ease the deployment of the Pano System on VMware with the new QuickStart Service announced today. Pano Logic, the leader in zero client desktop virtualization, has teamed with its channel partners to create a hands-on, one-day evaluation program that will help customers quickly and thoroughly assess how zero client virtual desktops can deliver dramatic savings in the total cost of ownership (TCO) of desktop computing.

The QuickStart Service expands Pano Logic's vision of ensuring the transition from desktop PCs to 100% centralized computing is simple, seamless and swift. The one-day service package pairs a new customer with one of Pano Logic's partner experts who have completed certification training on installing, managing and optimizing Pano System deployments across a range of network architectures.

Certified zero client computing partners assist with the installation, deployment and evaluation of a Pano System Starter Kit -- which includes a complete five-seat bundle of the Pano System, a Pano Remote key and Pano Dual Monitor Adapter -- on VMware VSphere 3.5 or 4. The QuickStart Service is a comprehensive one-on-one program that includes assessment, planning, building and managing of zero client desktop virtualization, and also provides post implementation ROI models and TCO savings reports for evaluation and reporting purposes.

The QuickStart program enables IT staff to quickly and cost-effectively tap the certified partner's expertise and best practices for deploying and optimizing virtual desktops, helping them accurately evaluate their virtual desktop plans without demanding more of their limited time and resources.

Supporting Comments:

"We've revolutionized computing for organizations of all sizes with our zero client Pano System, creating one single solution that erases the complexity of managing desktop PCs and completely eliminates the nightmare and expense of cobbling together complex multi-vendor thin client architectures," said John Kish, CEO of Pano Logic. "Organizations across all industries are accelerating their adoption of desktop virtualization, finding dramatic savings and new efficiencies with Pano Logic. We've found that many organizations are seeking to move very quickly when making the transition to virtual desktops. QuickStart represents the helping hand that ensures these new users are set on the right path at the outset and can replicate their smart decision throughout their organizations." 

"Pano Logic represents one of the most forward-thinking innovators in the desktop computing space, creating products, programs and services that strengthen the value chain we're delivering to our customers," said Steve Kaplan, Vice President, Data Center Virtualization at INX, Inc., one of Pano Logic's largest channel partners. "Demand for virtual desktops on VMware's infrastructure is skyrocketing as more and more IT managers come to understand the tremendous savings and simplicity Pano Logic represents. We applaud Pano Logic for developing a rigorous certification program to build the reliable service resources that busy IT departments need to ensure their deployments quickly deliver on the full promise of zero client computing."

"We applaud Pano Logic's new certification program, which better prepares us to optimize Pano Logic deployments on a range of network architectures that we're likely to encounter," said Paul Hilder, Managing Director, Open Source Software Company Ltd., a newly appointed leading reseller in Wales. "By pairing those of us who have been certified with new users seeking additional support puts Pano Logic out front in helping us to meet the needs of our customers. With Quickstart, new users can feel confident they are teaming with support staff that know and understand how Pano Logic can best perform in their environments."

Pano Logic Zero Client Computing:

  • Pano Logic solves major problems created by distributed PCs, limited terminal services, and repurposed thin clients or related architectures, while providing end users with the best possible user experience, and IT managers with a simple, open hypervisor-agnostic platform to deliver desktop computing.

  • End users connect to their virtual machine via a zero client that contains no processor, no operating system, no memory, no drivers, no firmware, no software and no moving parts. This represents a major paradigm shift away from highly complex and costly PC and thin client architectures.

  • Pano Logic's patent-pending technology, Pano Direct, simplifies a very complex desktop computing environment by virtually stretching the I/O connection over the network enabling the desktop virtual machine to deliver a native Windows desktop, eliminating the need for costly, failure-prone protocols. 

  • Radical centralization using the Pano Logic zero client platform drastically reduces computing TCO by as much as 80 percent by completely eliminating endpoint management and security risks, and reducing energy consumption by as much as 95%. As a result, companies adopting it can tackle both budgetary and green IT initiatives.

  • The Pano zero client platform delivers on the promise of cloud computing by opening the way for a PC-like user experiences on endpoints that are completely independent of processor architectures, protocol limitations, and unmanageable software stacks.

The Pano System is a complete end-to end virtual desktop solution which includes the Pano Manager, a virtual machine manager and connection broker, the unique Pano Device zero client endpoint hardware, and Pano Direct, providing the connection to completely centralized virtual desktops. The Pano System starts a $319 per seat and is also available in a pre-configured, pre-loaded all-in 50-user suite, Pano Express, combining VMware vSphere™ Essentials, Microsoft Windows 7/XP licenses, and HP server and storage hardware with Pano Logic's award-winning zero client platform.

About Pano Logic
Pano Logic is the leader in Zero Client Desktop Computing. Pano Logic's all-in-one hardware and software solution redefines the delivery and management of end user computing by radically centralizing desktop management. The Pano Logic zero client platform is a complete end-to-end solution purpose-built for desktop virtualization, simplifying the complexity and management of virtual desktops and slashing TCO by as much as 80 percent. The patent-pending Pano Direct technology eliminates the need for costly processing power at the endpoint, making it possible to have an endpoint device that contains NO processor, NO operating system, NO memory, NO drivers, NO firmware, NO software, NOR any moving parts, completely eliminating endpoint management and security breaches. The Pano Device uses less energy than a light bulb, or 97% less than a PC, drastically reducing energy costs for organizations and companies worldwide. To learn more, visit

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