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March 20, 2005 07:00 ET

Pantone Home Color Forecast 2006: Uptown, Downtown and Out-of-Town

CHICAGO, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 20, 2005 -- International Home & Housewares Show 2005, Lakeside Lobby Level 3 -- Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today unveiled the eight most directional color palettes for the home furnishings market for 2006.

"In 2006, home furnishings colors will show some interesting new directions, especially in very original, intricate, and not-at-all-formulaic combinations," explained Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. "Among the eight palettes, there are three major pathways encompassing a sophisticated 'uptown' look, a fun and funky 'downtown' look, and other palettes that are heading 'out-of-town' to bucolic settings or more exotic destinations."

Each palette features a combination of colors from the PANTONE for fashion and home color system, the most widely used and recognized color standard in the world. Consisting of over 1,900 colors, the System makes it possible for designers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers to speak the same color language.

PANTONE VIEW home 2006 is a forecasting tool that provides color and trend inspiration, enabling designers to select the right shades and combinations when creating products for the home, or matching and coordinating home interiors. PANTONE VIEW home 2006 contains 2" x 2" swatch cards of each of the 76 forecasted colors -- along with visuals for each of the individual palettes -- in one convenient binder. CMYK printing equivalents are supplied to easily achieve the forecast colors in printed materials and packaging.

The most directional color palettes for 2006 are Stiletto, Renaissance, Romantic Notions, Pique-Nique, Grounded, Paradiso, Primitif and Pastille.

Stiletto points to a decidedly uptown destination where high fashion inspires poised and polished urbane settings. This modern ambience, reminiscent of the "moderne" motifs of the Deco era, calls for glamorous combinations and metallic tones.

PANTONE 14-1012 Champagne Beige
PANTONE 18-5424 Cadmium Green
PANTONE 19-1213 Shopping Bag
PANTONE 19-4305 Pirate Black
PANTONE 16-0540 Oasis
PANTONE 18-1547 Bossa Nova
PANTONE 19-3737 Heliotrope
PANTONE 15-0927 Pale Gold
PANTONE 14-5002 Silver
Renaissance is an updated take on tradition, with elegant, eclectic mixes of Old World and New Age. The styling might feature a rococo chandelier with a simple sofa, or a classic chair frame covered in a contemporary texture.
PANTONE 16-1708 Lilas
PANTONE 15-1516 Peach Beige
PANTONE 17-1612 Mellow Mauve
PANTONE 18-1405 Flint
PANTONE 16-1415 Almondine
PANTONE 19-4030 True Navy
PANTONE 19-2816 Blackberry Wine
PANTONE 18-1420 Wild Ginger
PANTONE 13-1012 Frosted Almond
PANTONE 15-0927 Pale Gold
Fun, full-bodied and stylish, Romantic Notions heads downtown, where the look is seldom serious. The message is "don't take your surroundings too seriously." Combinations are like bright bits of confetti -- toss them up in the air and see how they land.
PANTONE 19-3903 Shale
PANTONE 18-1449 Ketchup
PANTONE 17-1740 Claret Red
PANTONE 19-1764 Lipstick Red
PANTONE 18-1755 Rouge Red
PANTONE 18-3533 Dewberry
PANTONE 15-3412 Orchid Bouquet
PANTONE 16-1723 Confetti
PANTONE 14-0848 Mimosa
PANTONE 17-1547 Emberglow
When city living gets too cloistered and confining, it's time to head out-of-town. In Pique-Nique, the mood is festive, the theme is casual, and the combinations are delicious and inviting. The need to explore the outdoors may be as close as a picnic in the park or a patio party.
PANTONE 13-0905 Birch
PANTONE 14-1031 Rattan
PANTONE 17-1430 Pecan Brown
PANTONE 18-1648 Baked Apple
PANTONE 16-1442 Melon
PANTONE 15-2217 Aurora Pink
PANTONE 13-0648 Green Sheen
PANTONE 18-3946 Baja Blue
PANTONE 17-5421 Porcelain Green
PANTONE 18-2527 Baton Rouge
Grounded connects with nature while engendering a feeling of security and reality. But these are not typical earth tones; they are organic and genuine, as they suggest minerals, ores, stones and striated rock formations in subtle, artful blends of uncontrived simplicity.
PANTONE 14-6305 Pelican
PANTONE 16-4712 Mineral Blue
PANTONE 16-3307 Lavender Mist
PANTONE 17-0324 Epsom
PANTONE 18-3833 Dusted Peri
PANTONE 18-1703 Shark
PANTONE 18-1512 Rose Brown
PANTONE 16-0639 Golden Olive
PANTONE 16-1406 Atmosphere
PANTONE 15-4305 Quarry
Heading further out-of-town -- much, much further -- Paradiso promises exotic destinations filled with balmy days and star-filled nights. The dream vacation expressed in home décor. The colors are evocative of sun-drenched skies and soothing sea foams.
PANTONE 19-4049 Snorkel Blue
PANTONE 16-4421 Blue Mist
PANTONE 17-4730 Caneel Bay
PANTONE 15-6442 Bud Green
PANTONE 14-0627 Shadow Green
PANTONE 15-1621 Candlelight Peach
PANTONE 19-2434 Festival Fuchsia
PANTONE 11-0601 Bright White
PANTONE 14-1107 Oyster Gray
Mysterious and dramatic, Primitif is tribal, filled with handicrafts and artifacts, symbols and statuary. Some are highly embellished while others are deceptively simple.
PANTONE 15-0948 Chinese Yellow
PANTONE 18-0135 Treetop
PANTONE 18-3949 Dazzling Blue
PANTONE 18-1658 Pompeian Red
PANTONE 19-4007 Anthracite
PANTONE 12-0806 Rutabaga
PANTONE 19-1218 Potting Soil
PANTONE 17-1558 Grenadine
PANTONE 19-3022 Gloxinia
Soft, comforting and nurturing, Pastille speaks of "coming home" -- providing a niche and fulfilling the need for a comfort level of quiet understatement. These serene pastels demonstrate a new level of stylishness, as they are juxtaposed against unexpected neutral tones or happy hues that are a bit more vibrant.
PANTONE 12-0727 Sunshine
PANTONE 14-0000 Silver Gray
PANTONE 14-4214 Powder Blue
PANTONE 13-0317 Lily Green
PANTONE 14-3911 Purple Heather
PANTONE 13-2005 Strawberry Cream
PANTONE 14-1212 Frappé
PANTONE 13-5306 Icy Morn
PANTONE 15-1322 Dusty Coral
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