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March 01, 2011 11:00 ET

Paperlinks Unveils QR Codes for Businesses to Create Context-Sensitive Digital Brand Experiences

New Solution Merges Digital and Real Worlds to Help Companies Develop Stronger Relationships With Customers

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 1, 2011) - Today, Paperlinks introduced its Quick Response (QR) barcode platform technology to businesses of any kind that are looking to give their customers a more interactive and digital brand experience. A "Paperlink" is a QR barcode that can be placed on any item in the physical world and scanned with the Paperlinks iPhone app to direct customers to additional multimedia content. By introducing Paperlinks to their printed business cards, menus, advertisements and more, businesses are able to add interactive content such as photos, videos and a comments platform, that can connect smartphone-toting consumers to context-specific information on the go. 

"This is all about making your brand stick. QR codes encourage consumers to take a deeper dive into a company's offerings. QR codes are increasingly being adopted by large advertisers as a way to bring highly interactive digital content to consumers, using a physical object as a real world hyperlink. Paperlinks is now making it easy and intuitive for businesses of any size to leverage this same technology to create digital brand experiences that are placed within a real-world context," said Hamilton Chan, Paperlinks' CEO and founder.

Businesses can create their own Paperlink in minutes by visiting The website allows organizations of any size or kind to create their own mobile landing pages by choosing from a number of easy-to-deploy interactive modules. Each module can be updated at any time, with changes reflected in real-time. The drag-and-drop interface makes setting up a Paperlink a snap.

Paperlinks for Business will continue to be augmented throughout the year with additional capabilities. Current modules include:

  • Introduction: Provide background information about your company or product that can be updated at any time;
  • Photos: Add unlimited photos that will be displayed within the app;
  • Video: Upload a video of up to 80MB in size, or point to a YouTube, Vimeo or other video for a compelling user experience;
  • Comments: Encourage your customers to leave comments. As the Paperlink owner, you can view and moderate comments in real-time right from the Paperlinks app;
  • Contact info: Provide contact info that your customers can save to their phone address book with a simple tap;
  • Twitter Feed: Display your Twitter stream when your QR code is scanned;
  • Promotion Offer: Encourage customers to leave their email address to unlock a special promotion;
  • Links: Provide links to even more web content;
  • Download from iTunes: Provide a direct link to an app or song in the iTunes store;
  • Dashboard: View analytics on the go about who, where and when your Paperlink has been scanned.

Paperlinks for Business has been tested in recent weeks by a range of businesses - from Los Angeles-based custom cookie company, Vanilla Sugar, to Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D), a nonprofit and the nation's largest provider of educational audio textbooks for the blind and dyslexic.

Vanilla Sugar owner Gina Cruz noted, "As someone who just started my own company, I love using the Paperlinks technology on my cookie packaging and business cards to get my information in front of customers so that they remember why they loved my cookies and they keep coming back. Every single person I've handed a business card to has been wowed by this technology, and it has really helped me get the word out about my business from the get-go."

"Soliciting donations is always vital for nonprofits, and RFB&D is no exception. This year, we added a Paperlink to the back of our annual report, and when the QR code is scanned, people are taken directly to our donation page," said Diane Kelber, Communications Director at Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic. "This is a fun and effective way to connect with potential donors and spread the word about our cause with an added digital component that keeps our nonprofit current."

Stay tuned for updates to our offering in the coming months as we continue to add new modules to the Paperlinks for Business lineup.

Today's Paperlinks for Business follows the success of earlier Paperlinks integrations with online social stationery printing service, and headshot printing service The popular Paperlinks iPhone app was featured by Apple as the #1 New & Noteworthy free app in the iTunes store in November of 2010. For more information on how to Paperlink your world, click here.

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Paperlinks' mission is to hyperlink the real world. Using its intuitive web interface, Paperlinks can help businesses quickly generate a Quick Response (QR) barcode that will serve as a smartphone-readable hyperlink to engaging web content. The Paperlinks iPhone app will scan and interpret QR codes and provide a further optimized interface for QR codes generated through the Paperlinks platform. By using Paperlinks, companies of all sizes can create a highly engaging real world hyperlink and presence on the mobile web in under 5 minutes. These QR-enabled links can trigger Context-Sensitive Marketing offers, videos, photos, contact information and more, making static communications come alive. The Paperlinks mobile app is now available in the iTunes App Store, serving mobile landing pages on the go. For more information, please visit, or visit the iTunes App Store.

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