SOURCE: Viewtier Systems, Inc.

November 22, 2005 08:00 ET

Parabuild 2.0 Released, Helps Reduce Risks of Failures of Software Projects

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 22, 2005 -- Viewtier Systems, Inc. today announced the release of its software build management server, Parabuild 2.0. Parabuild helps software organizations reduce high risks of failures of projects caused by broken code base by delivering uninterrupted daily builds. Parabuild is priced at $345 for a single-build configuration. To learn more about Parabuild, please visit

Software build is a process of transforming project source code into a working application. Broken builds cause delays and overspending that may increase risks of project failure. Parabuild cures the acute pain of broken code base. With Parabuild, daily builds can succeed if the head of the code base is broken. Continuous integration builds provided by Parabuild ensure that new changes integrate into existing code base.

Version 2.0 delivers remote builds supporting Windows, Cygwin, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP UX and generic Unix, including Mac OS X; integration with Rational ClearCase, Perforce, Surround SCM, Visual SourceSafe, CVS and Subversion; support for any command line builds such as shell scripts, Perl, qmake, make, MSBuild, nmake, ANT, nANT, Maven, Jam and VB. A working evaluation version of Parabuild 2.0 is available for download at

Founded in 2004 and based in Mountain View, CA, Viewtier Systems is a software build automation company dedicated to solving the problem of high risks of failures of software projects caused by broken code base. Viewtier founder and president Slava Imeshev is available for interviews and Q&A, and can be reached by phone at 650-223-3320 or via email at

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