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March 01, 2012 11:26 ET

Paramount Access Advisors Offers Exclusive Access to the World's Top Hedge Fund Managers to a Select Group of Advisors

Paramount Partners With Shoreline Associates for Sales and Distribution Services

ADDISON, TX--(Marketwire - Mar 1, 2012) - Paramount Access Advisors is pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement with Shoreline Associates, an independent consortium of consultants responsible for sales and distribution to the Registered Investment Advisor community.

Paramount Access Advisors gives top-tier advisors access to 94 of what it considers to be the top institutional quality hedge fund managers throughout the world. In keeping with its diversification objectives, the investment program will offer exposure to a number of underlying investment strategies and will have allocation limits on asset class and manager exposures.

"We have seen a major paradigm shift in the last few years related to correlations," states Ed Butowsky, CEO of Paramount Access Advisors and internationally recognized expert in the investment wealth management industry. "In the past, advisors could reduce risk and provide returns by allocating across several different long-only asset classes -- such as stocks, bonds, commodities, REITs, etc. That is certainly not the case anymore, as correlations among these asset classes have increased dramatically. Institutional investors have been able to solve the correlation conundrum by investing with elite hedge fund managers who have non-correlated investment strategies. We give our advisor clients similar access to some of the most sought after hedge fund managers in the world, helping to satisfy their need for non-correlated assets."

Also of note are Shoreline's sales and distribution objectives, which are quite different from those of most sales and relationship managers. Paramount Access Advisors will limit access to merely three investment advisor firms in each metropolitan area, accepting only one small, medium and larger-sized RIA firm.

"Our goal is not to work with an unlimited number of firms," continued Butowsky. "Limiting this opportunity to hand-picked RIA firms will allow us to best serve our clients as well as the hedge fund managers with whom we work. These spots are already beginning to fill up quickly with advisors who recognize the potential that this strategy has to deliver true diversification and performance that they have been unable to provide to their clients…until now. We feel that this strategy will certainly allow our advisors to win business away from their competitors and the bulge bracket firms."

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Paramount Access Advisors employs an investment program that enables investors, through one investment, to participate in the investment programs of a select group of hedge fund managers without being subject to the high minimum investment requirements that many of these asset managers typically impose. For more information, please visit

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