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May 02, 2007 12:11 ET

Parc du Mont-Orford: Local Leadership Front and Center

Le Vertendre, an Eastern Township company, proposes to the Minister of the environment a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative.

EASTMAN, QUEBEC--(CCNMatthews - May 2, 2007) - As it becomes increasingly clearer that a moratorium will be imposed on the partial sale of the Parc du Mont-Orford, Le Vertendre, an Eastern Township company, is proposing a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to revitalize the tourist facilities while preserving the park's integrity. The organization filed its project today with the Ministry of Environment and Parks.

"Bill 23 will obviously not be adopted. This is an opportunity for the government to show creativity and leadership in the region and consider innovative solutions," says Alain Chagnon, president of Le Vertendre. Last March, the group unveiled the outline of its proposition aimed at revitalizing Mont-Orford's tourist facilities, in synergy with an eco-friendly real estate project located outside the national park.

Le Vertendre's Proposal

La face cachee d'Orford is a unique project, strongly oriented towards sustainable development. Its main objective is to position the Parc du Mont-Orford as an oasis for physical activity, accessible year-round to the entire family. "For us, the modernization of the ski center and the golf course is not a trade-off that paves the way to real estate development", adds Mr. Chagnon. "Tourist facilities are at the heart of the entire project, and our green real estate development project - located outside the national park - is a part of it all."

The project is not in line with Bill 23's purpose of selling Orford through a bid. Furthermore, it does not meet the current conditions of Request for Proposals 0621-I. Le Vertendre offers a real alternative to Orford's regional community and the Quebec Government.

Respect for the provincial park's integrity is key to the project and Le Vertendre has made a commitment not to build any residential housing within the Park. Its real estate development project, which excludes high-density condominium buildings, will be exposed to the sun, on the south side of Mont-Orford and on land the company owns. Le Vertendre proposes to create, around the ski center, a year-round family sports center.

The environment at the heart of the project

The company proposes eco-friendly management for the site and has developed a plan to ensure environmental preservation through the control of erosion, the management of waste snow and water, and the promotion of green transportation in the region as well as sporting and recreational activities that have a low impact on the environment, among others.

A unique innovation in Quebec

The Vertendre is not afraid to innovate and has likewise been inspired from the success of the biggest tourist centers, known for their effective, harmonious and eco-friendly development within their host community and the local economy. A European lift (single gondola) to link the south side and the Mont-Orford summit lies at the heart of the project and constitutes an essential condition.

Further information on the La face cachee d'Orford project is available at www.lafacecacheedorford.com.

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