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March 05, 2012 06:23 ET

Pardo Capital Announces New Managed Futures Programs

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Mar 5, 2012) - Pardo Capital Limited (, a commodity trading advisor (CTA) providing managed futures products to qualified eligible persons (QEPs), has introduced two new managed futures programs based on its flagship XT99 Diversified trading program, which since its inception in 1999 has repeatedly ranked in the top 20 in a number of BarclayHedge CTA performance categories.

The XT99 Access and XT99 Commodities programs offer qualified investors access to the proven proprietary, computerized trading algorithms utilized in XT99 Diversified, but with smaller, more targeted portfolios and lower minimum investments.

Investors seeking a diversified managed futures product can select the XT99 Access program with a minimum investment of $200,000. Trading a dynamic portfolio of seven markets selected with PCL's proprietary algorithms, XT99 Access features a carefully selected blend of futures candidates from each major market sector. XT99 Commodities offers investors a weighted commodities-only portfolio of 13 markets that include grains, meats, cotton, sugar, coffee, metals and soy complex, and is available with a $500,000 minimum investment. XT99 Access provides a diversified portfolio of futures and XT99 Commodities serves as an effective commodities-only component of a balanced overall portfolio.

"We are excited to offer two new programs that offer the same proven core strategies of our XT Diversified program with similar returns but with lower risk and volatility and with more accessible initial investment levels," said Bob Pardo, President of Pardo Capital Ltd. "Managed futures has received increasing attention as a meaningful component of a balanced investment portfolio. We believe our innovative programs, which incorporate a number of advances created by our research and development team, will provide greater access to managed futures to a broader audience."

XT99 Access and XT99 Commodities employ a computerized, rule-based approach to trading that eliminates the vagaries of human emotion and judgment. Both programs provide uncorrelated performance to equity or bond markets, and, as Pardo noted, comparatively low correlation compared even to many managed futures products. Pardo said the XT99 Access and XT99 Commodities programs feature:

  • New, more robust, and rigorous algorithms for selecting trading strategies;
  • A more responsive and efficient algorithm for parameter recalibration to keep pace with changing market states; and,
  • An enhanced portfolio design process that reduces risk and lowers volatility.

Pardo explained: "Volatility of returns has been an ongoing challenge for the managed futures industry, and we have worked diligently to develop highly responsive and efficient algorithms designed to mitigate volatility and stabilize returns while still generating significant market out-performance consistent with the character of a top-performing managed futures program. We believe our managed futures programs offer the potential to deliver superior yet more stable long-term returns with lower risk."

Managed futures rely on regulated CTAs who generally use proprietary trading strategies to invest in futures contracts across a broad spectrum of commodities, metals, currencies, equity indices and interest rate products. The firm utilizes proprietary models and research methodology that include technical and pattern analysis, advanced numeric and statistical methods, optimization methodology and Walk-Forward Analysis™.

Pardo Capital Limited, a registered Commodity Trading Advisor and NFA member, has directed futures investments for private investors, institutional clients and pension funds since 1996. XT99 Diversified, the parent of XT99 Access and XT99 Commodities, has achieved exceptional sustained long-term growth over its 12-plus year history. The age alone of this track record places it in rarified company. XT99 Diversified is further distinguished by its 19.75% annual rate of return and its total return of 823% since its inception in June 1, 1999. These returns have ranked 35 times in BarclayHedge "Top 20" performance categories.


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