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April 29, 2013 13:00 ET

Parking Lot Pollution Control-Does Anyone Really Care?

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwired - April 29, 2013) -

From Vancouver Sun's 24 years of 4,675 Global Warming Articles to Utah's April '13 Report On Air Quality, We See Public Concern Growing, Says Universal Site Services.

Environmental damage, global warming, and water and air pollution problems have been headline news in all major newspapers in North America for some years now. Does this publicity reflect a genuine concern of the public about these issues? Do such things as anxiety about parking lot pollution control, for example, really exist?

Gina Vella, President, Universal Site Services, answers the question with a resounding, "Yes. These concerns are neither media hype nor the grievances of special interest groups. Our company helped develop the regenerative parking lot sweepers in response to a growing interest in the protection of the environment by the communities we serve and our corporate clients."

Responsible parking lot sweeping reduces water and air pollution. Because regenerative air sweepers employ a closed loop system that reduces exhaust while picking up dirt, grit, and debris, they are environmentally friendly, which is hugely important when you consider that parking lots take up space in the USA estimated to be (about) 4,400 square miles of land.

Methods of alleviating water pollution generated by parking lot runoff seeping into our water systems, and air pollution occurring from sweeper exhaust and the minute particles discharged into the air by old cleaning methods are hot topics in environmental groups. The general public is increasingly concerned about the thousands of deaths that can be attributed to irresponsible environmental pollution.

Dr. Brian Moench, who leads Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, declares in an April 2013 article on Utah's struggles with air quality, "Air pollution is harmful to everyone, even if they do not show symptoms." It can raise blood pressure and shorten life expectancy. An April 2013 article from the New Orleans ACS Network notes that water pollution has become a problem in the Great Lakes, and fresh water is everyone's concern.

"Our business continues to expand as owners and managers who are concerned with the protection of the environment as well as with corporate images seek us out," states Mrs. Vella. "We are known to use not only regenerative sweepers for parking lots, but also we work to filter parking lot runoff safely, and use environmentally safe cleaning products in our other cleaning services. These efforts are supported by the business community and the general public."

Citizens really do care about parking lot pollution control. Who knew?

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