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March 02, 2011 08:00 ET

Parkinson's Therapeutics Reviewed by NeuroInvestment

CARDIFF, CA--(Marketwire - March 2, 2011) - NI Research has released the March issue of NeuroInvestment, which reviews the status and prospects of therapeutics for Parkinson's.

The current pharmacopoeia for PD is extremely limited in its scope and duration of utility. Symptoms can be attenuated, but over time, there is a price to be paid, as L-dopa related dyskinesias eventually emerge for many patients. Drugs under development include a number that are aimed at improving the cost-benefit profile of symptom reduction (e.g. Cynapsus, Addex, Santhera, Targacept (NASDAQ: TRGT)), and other targeting ancillary symptoms, like psychosis (Acadia Pharmaceuticals).

As is the case with all neurodegenerative disorders, the goal is to move beyond symptom-relief to disease-modification. Parkinson's is the venue where neuroscience has often focused its most daringly innovative programs, and that continues to be the case, with programs featuring gene and/or cell therapy (Ceregene, Neurologix, Amsterdam Molecular, Oxford Biomedica) in or nearing clinical testing. The misfolded protein theory that has been at the core of many Alzheimer's programs has its place in PD, where many sophisticated approaches to alpha-synuclein pathology are in development (Link Medicine, Proteostasis, NeuroPhage, reMYND/Roche, Biogen-Idec/Neurimmune). LRRK is an intriguing target being addressed by Lundbeck/Zenobia and TauTaTis. Adenosine 2a antagonism is being pursued by Merck, Domain Therapeutics, Heptares, and Psychogenics. Alternatively, accentuating neuroprotection and/or regenerative capacity via trophic upregulation is the goal of programs from NeuroNova, MedGenesis, Allon Therapeutics, and Cortex.

The March issue of NeuroInvestment includes pointed appraisals of the M&A transactions involving Sanofi-Aventis/Genzyme and Forest/Clinical Data. Neither of these deals sets the stage for progress towards improved CNS therapeutics. Implications of Tysabri's burgeoning PML case-rate and the pilot clinical data for Cortex (OTCBB: CORX) in sleep apnea are also discussed. The March issue includes a brief review of the Belgian neuroscience company reMYND.

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