November 13, 2006 03:16 ET

Parquesol earned 47.8 million E up to September

Valladolid -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 13, 2006 -- THIRD TRIMESTER 2006 RESULTS

Parquesol earned 47.8 million EUR up to September

- The EPS climbs to 1.20 Euros compared to 1.06 in 2005.

Madrid, the 13th of November 2006. - With revenues of 209.3 million euros (-5.0%) Parquesol obtained an EBITDA of 86.6 million euros (+11%) an EBIT of 82.9 million euros (+11%) and net profits of 47.8 million euros (+14%)

Residential Development

Residential development sales in the third quarter of 2006 have reached 127.4 million euros with a gross margin of 28.5%. Parquesol has delivered 523 units and has initiated developments in Seville, Madrid and Valladolid.

Rental Management

Revenues from rentals have reached 13.4 million euros. We highlight the purchase of a building in Paris and another one in Lisbon, and the agreement between Parquesol and Grupo Ballesol for the rental of a building in Valladolid.

Land and Non-strategic Assets Sales

During the period land sales amounted to 51.7 million euros. Income from the selling of non strategic assets was of 15.1 million euros. Other revenues have accounted for 1.7 million euros.


As of September 30th. 63.9 million euros have been invested in land; 52,1 million euros in assets and 8.2 million euros in residential developments with a total investment of 124.1 million euros.

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