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ARTEX Environmental Corporation

October 20, 2008 09:02 ET

Partnership with ARTEX Solidifies Compugen's "ReCycleIT" Secure, Environmentally Sustainable IT Asset Disposal Service

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 20, 2008) - Compugen Finance Inc. (CFI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Compugen, Inc., and ARTEX Environmental Corporation (ARTEX) have formed a strategic alliance that gives Compugen customers across Canada an effective and reliable way to dispose of end-of-life IT equipment that guarantees data security and privacy and fully compliant environmental stewardship.

ARTEX operates a secure, state-of-the-art electronic waste (e-waste) recycling facility designed to process end-of-life electronic products, while optimizing the recovery of recyclable components, such as plastics and metals, and removing hazardous materials for safe and proper handling by certified downstream processors. Products handled include all types of computer and telecommunications equipment, A/V equipment, copiers, fax machines, postage meters, medical and scientific equipment and more.

Big Benefits for Compugen Customers

Compugen Finance is finding that the majority of organizations they speak to have no asset disposal program in place; yet in virtually every case, there is a backlog of retired assets that need to be disposed of.

"Organizations are handling disposal on a piecemeal basis at best, and simply don't know who to turn to for proper help," says Gord Manary, Manager, Asset Disposition, Compugen Finance. "As a result, there's pent-up demand for professional and reliable disposition services and we're seeing asset disposal requirements showing up in more and more tenders and RFPs these days."

The new partnership with ARTEX allows Compugen to state categorically that its ReCycleIT Asset Disposition Service ensures that customers' end-of-life products will not end up in landfill sites and that they will be fully disposed of in accordance with best practices in data security and environmental stewardship.

"With ARTEX supporting us on the asset destruction and recycling side, we're now able to offer customers the best in disposition services, including our refurbishment and remarketing services that help customers get the most from any assets that still have residual value," adds Manary.

The Ontario College of Art & Design, Schenker of Canada (part of a global leader in warehousing and distribution, transportation, freight forwarding and customs services) and STAPLES(R) Business Depot(TM) in Canada, are three of the many examples of Compugen customers already taking advantage of ReCycleIT services to address their asset disposition requirements.

"What's most important is that Compugen is helping Staples achieve PCI compliance for data destruction," says a spokesperson at Staples Canada. "Then comes the 'green' aspect, and with Compugen's help, we're meeting environmental regulations and keeping old equipment from ending up in landfill sites."

100% of e-Waste Diverted from Landfill

The advanced, high-volume ARTEX recycling process combines manual disassembly, to remove hazardous materials, with sophisticated automation techniques for sorting, size-reduction and separation.

"All materials processed by ARTEX are recycled to the highest environmental standards, ensuring 100% diversion of e-waste from landfill and also ensuring that no hazardous material is ever redirected to developing countries, where crude e-waste handling practices pose serious threats to both the environment and the health of local citizens," claims Paul Blanchard, President, ARTEX Corporation. "We provide full compliance with all municipal, provincial and federal government environmental regulations, thus eliminating our customers' risk of any environmental liability."

With lots of new legislation being ushered in by governments all over the world to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and with embarrassing incidents making it into the media on a regular basis, Blanchard is also quick to address the issue of data security, the second critical component of a two-pronged ARTEX value proposition.

"Through our 'chain-of-custody' asset handling and destruction process, we are able to guarantee the security and privacy of our customers' critical business data, especially financial and personnel records," says Blanchard, adding that Certificates of Secure Destruction are always issued to customers, and the company will even videotape the destruction of assets or host an onsite visit by a customer's auditor to ensure the quality of the work and integrity of the process.

Commenting on the announcement, Compugen president & CEO Harry Zarek says, "Our ReCycleIT asset disposition services are ready for prime time. The addition of these services to our portfolio completes Compugen's TCO model, giving us a true cradle-to-grave suite of best-in class IT services - a strong value proposition that customers and prospects are finding compelling."


Toronto-based ARTEX Environmental Corporation is a privately owned Canadian company and a member of the International Association of Electronics Recyclers. ARTEX specializes in the processing of retired and obsolete electronic waste, providing an environmentally responsible alternative for "e-waste" disposal. With over 180 years of combined expertise in both advanced environmental technologies and information technology solutions, the ownership group and management team at ARTEX are uniquely qualified to create customized solutions for customers across all industries. ARTEX guarantees in writing that e-waste will be processed to the highest environmental standards and that data will be securely destroyed.

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