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February 01, 2012 14:20 ET

Passionate Golfer on a Mission to Change the Face of Golf

The WISP Stands Poised to Join the Bunker Rake as a Golf Course Staple

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 1, 2012) - Golf has long been known as a gentleman's sport and the use of etiquette backs this statement. Yet with courses encouraging speed of play and players becoming increasingly competitive, players have seen a lack of etiquette on the green. Entrepreneur and passionate golfer, Eben Dobson, strives to reintroduce the importance of player etiquette in his tool, the WISP, which simply clears sand from the putting surface, restoring the green as golfers easily clean up after themselves.

The sweeping vista of the golf course during the first round of the day is pristine with bunkers perfectly raked and in top condition. Yet after the first groups of the day, chances are sand will be littered across the putting surface, either from an explosion shot from the bunker or sand tracked onto the green by players failing to tap their shoes upon exiting the bunker. Until recently the only way to remove the sand was with a towel, hat, hand, or club head with inconsistent results. Consequently many golfers found themselves abandoning the sand, leaving the green in inferior condition and detracting from playability and aesthetics.

The WISP is the solution to such inconsistencies as it is a universal tool specifically designed to produce consistent results for every golfer, every time it's used. This ensures equality and fairness for each player as the playing conditions are equal throughout the course of the day. "The objective of the WISP is to create an etiquette that will leave the green in better condition for the next player," explains Dobson. Designed to allow everyday players to wisp displaced sand past the putting surface and into the canopy at the completion of the hole, the WISP stands poised to join the bunker rake as a golf course staple.

Inspired by the classic dew whip used by marshals and crew members at Augusta, the WISP represents a modern upgrade in etiquette resources that can be used by everyday players. Dobson hopes that the WISP will serve as a reminder for the golf community and as a symbol of the new etiquette that will improve playability, aesthetics, maintenance and fundamental equality for golfers everywhere.

To learn more about the WISP, visit or call (855) 843-9477.

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