SOURCE: Multi Level Retailing Inc.

March 22, 2010 12:43 ET

Passive Nest Egg Builder With Geek Computer Service

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - March 22, 2010) -  An Inventive Salt Lake City-based company, Multi Level Retailing Inc., announced the immediate release of their one-of-a-kind service, Your Part Is Done™ (, and the timing could not be more perfect for millions of eligible individuals and independent business owners. However, less than four-hundred individuals the world over will be able to experience advantages of this full service program.

With the global economy always at question one way or the other, Your Part Is Done™ has a unique approach to assure tremendous results for our customers that will last them a lifetime. Firmly believing that we must first succeed factually ourselves before offering a service of this kind to others, Your Part Is Done™ is proud to be highly successful within our primary program of choice, thus feeling very satisfied that everyone wins with our life changing service. Ultimately millions of advertising dollars will be strategically utilized to magnify the growth of a cutting edge networking company, which is the equivalent to Geek Squad, YouTube and Google with a twist. Residual incomes are being rewarded for those who build and manage a network of home based business duplicators with this global power-house. Your Part Is Done™ has the correct Trade Mark name because it is exactly what it says; once a potential customer becomes a paying customer "Their part is literally done."

Your Part Is Done™ fully realizes that there are many marketing minds that are now diversifying their time and money in as many ways as possible, realistically, without tipping the balance on their time or money readily available to them. Anyone who has access to credit can succeed with Your Part Is Done™. If you understand the power of a fully managed growing and weekly profiting MLM company and want to taste that dream or concrete your success further then Your Part Is Done™ could very well be your way to success or to magnify your current success.

Your Part Is Done™ creates the entire sales force for each customer in their own name with our primary geek and multimedia service networking program. The potential is six and seven figures for Your Part Is Done™ customers with fast results keeping each customer satisfied with constant growth in the sales team. We offer unprecedented money back guarantees simply because we deliver and we know it, which results in a no fear management system in place protecting each customer and pampering them early on. Your Part Is Done™ takes great satisfaction in spoiling each customer with unique gifts and extra cash bonuses just for the fun of it!

For the first time there is a TRUE 100% we do it for you program that manages and perfects team duplication with proprietary education. Action Cures Fear and Your Part Is Done™ is at YOUR service. There have been many concepts that make sales for marketers, however Your Part Is Done™ has guarantees and real solid system proof of success.

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