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Gonzalo Lopez Jordan Santiago Steed

September 08, 2014 17:23 ET

Patagonia Financial Holdings: The Auto Revolution

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - September 08, 2014) - The future with flying cars is finally here, or perhaps not. Nevertheless, an undeniable fact is that the auto industry as a whole is under a complete transformation. From the production all the way to the sale, the supply chain has been highly affected by the integration of technology and more efficient energy sources. The implementation of mobile based applications, electric vehicle technology, self-driving cars, and all sub-technologies derived from this innovations could potentially incite a revolution comparable to the development of the first mass production car, the Ford model T. It seems ironic that 10 years ago the most pressing issue for car companies was trying to fit tanks into driving lanes, without regard for gasoline consumption, efficiency or innovation. However, the present seems much more exciting and full of possibilities for consumers and perhaps daunting for car companies still trapped in a box.

"The era of the hummer, as I am sure one day it will be known, was marked by excess, lack of innovation and a glorification of the status quo. However, human ingenuity is far too great to be defined by how much steel four wheels can carry," stated Gonzalo Lopez Jordan, manager of Miami based Private Equity Firm, Patagonia Financial Holdings. "We are at an intersecting point in which technology is changing at an exponential rate and the power of information dissemination is diminishing the subsequent cultural lag. As such, industries that were once highly monopolized or others that were stuck in conservatism to protect steady cash flows are dying to give way to the new. Events all the way from Blockbuster to Netflix and even the bailout of GM to Tesla's new endeavors outline an essential fact: innovation incites demand," added Santiago Steed, co-manager of Patagonia Financial Holdings.

Perhaps the checkmate relies on the expanding capacity of lithium supply, the common denominator in the industry, to meet future demand. Lithium is used through the supply chain from batteries for cars to smartphones which are then used to purchase the vehicles, without this essential mineral such growth would be very improbable.

"The industry is going through great lengths to provide an overall framework that can encompass the complete automotive experience. As a result, as one incorporates the whole experience of manufacturing, selling, buying and driving a car it is fascinating that lithium is involved in all those facets," stated Gonzalo Lopez Jordan and Santiago Steed.


Patagonia Financial Holdings is a private equity firm headed by Gonzalo Lopez Jordan and Santiago Steed .The firm has over $500 million of deployed capital, primarily focused on structuring value-oriented and special situation investments.

Based in Florida, American Regional Center Group LLC (ARCG) was founded in partnership with Patagonia Financial Holdings LLC (PFH) to provide sound and reliable EB-5 investment opportunities for foreign investors and their families who wish to obtain permanent residency in the United States.

Patagonia Financial Holdings is headquartered at 1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1950, in the heart of Miami's Financial District.

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