March 31, 2015 08:00 ET

Patent Issued to AtHoc for Its Innovative Hybrid Cloud Deployment of Networked Crisis Communication Suite

Patent #8,836,479 Allows Customers to Protect Personal Information While Leveraging Secure Cloud Communications During a Crisis

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 31, 2015) - AtHoc, Inc., the leader in networked crisis communication, today announced it has been awarded a patent for its innovation in deploying emergency mass notification systems (EMNS) within a hybrid cloud environment. This technology innovation enables customers to secure their personally identifiable information (PII) behind their own firewall while leveraging a secure, cloud-based alerts during critical situations. The patent, formally titled "Alerting System Using Distributed Notification Delivery," has a priority date of Nov 22, 2010. AtHoc customers have been using this invention to advance their emergency preparedness, effective response and business continuity while protecting highly sensitive information within their own environment.

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The patent was awarded to the inventors, AtHoc's Chief Executive Officer Guy Miasnik, Chief Technology Officer Aviv Siegel, Senior Director Ramon Pinero, and Systems Architect Rakesh Gupta.

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As more and more government and commercial organizations contemplate moving technology systems to the cloud, they struggle with balancing the benefits of cloud based computing with the risks of exposing sensitive information outside their firewalled security zone. This is particularly true when the potential risk includes PII of their employees, contractors, and family members, as well as, the communications associated with sensitive critical events occurring within the organization. By deploying its networked crisis communication suite using this patented technology across customers like the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and other government agencies, as well as, hundreds of hospitals and commercial enterprises throughout the country, AtHoc allows them to enjoy the benefits of both worlds. Their PII and other sensitive data remain secure behind their firewall, while they benefit from the cost efficiencies and scalability of the most secure cloud-based EMNS within the industry. All this is achieved seamlessly through a unified user experience within the AtHoc application by operators and recipients of critical communications during emergency incidents.

Prior to the invention, organizations had only two suboptimal options -- either hosting their entire EMNS onsite, with added complexity, cost and the risk of overwhelming their internal communications; or deploying in a public cloud; placing their PII at the hands of commercial cloud vendors.

"Through this hybrid approach, our customers can leverage the cloud while protecting sensitive employee data," said Aviv Siegel, Chief Technology Officer. "We constantly invest heavily in research and development of our products in support of our mission to make the world safer, and this patent award reflects our unwavering commitment to make our customer's successful in protection of both their employee's safety, as well as their personal information."

"Freeing up the communications capabilities of an organization during emergent crisis situations is essential during any incident," said Ramon Pinero, Senior Director AtHoc. "This methodology enables the secure cloud delivery of large volumes of communications, while protecting highly sensitive PII in the process. Our goal is to continue innovating to stay ahead of the ever evolving environment of life safety and security within our current and future clients."

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