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April 06, 2015 14:32 ET

Patient Perspectives -- a CloudVisit Telemedicine and American Medical Systems Collaboration -- Offers Hope for Men With Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease

Patient Educates Potential Penile Implant Recipients by Enabling Them to Make an Informed Decision About Undergoing a Penile Implant Procedure

COLD SPRING, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 6, 2015) -  CloudVisit Telemedicine, in partnership with American Medical Systems (AMS), announces an interactive program for men considering a penile implant.  was developed to aid men's decisions regarding penile implant surgeries. The program creators urge men to first seek the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction (ED). ED precedes cardiovascular disease (CVD) in almost 70 percent of cases -- often a warning sign that something more serious is going on. When ED interrupts a man's life, he should seek medical council.

Atherosclerosis, or the hardening of arteries caused by plaque buildup, limits blood flow to various parts of the body. Arteries supplying blood to the penis are much smaller than the ones supplying blood to the heart, so ED may be an early sign of CVD. After six years, on average, patients with ED had a 62 percent increased risk of having a heart attack and a 44 percent increased risk of a cardiovascular episode, as reported in Healthwire.

Harvey is a Champion in the Patient program. Champions are men who have received the penile implant after trying other ED treatments without long-term positive results. Harvey first experienced ED symptoms after years of treating high blood pressure with medication. The ED came on gradually and responded to oral medications for a short time. "After oral medications stopped working, we tried other treatment options that did not feel natural or comfortable, or failed after some time," says Harvey.

Still, Harvey and his wife remained hopeful. After extensive research and ensuring that Harvey's heart was healthy and fully-functional, the couple agreed on a penile implant in December 2011, Harvey was 70 years old. "It restored my self-confidence, and my wife and I enjoy an active sex life." Harvey has had the implant for three years, and looks forward to discussing his experience with men considering the procedure.

Erectile dysfunction can drastically alter a man's -- and his partner's -- life and overall self-esteem. A study* of patients with an AMS inflatable penile implant reported more than 90 percent patient and partner satisfaction rates. After surgery, patients and their partners report excellent sex lives, ease of use, more intimacy and overall closeness.

Before considering a penile implant, Patient suggests a heart health evaluation to rule out life-threatening conditions. Risk factors for coronary artery disease include high blood pressure, diabetes, high LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, smoking and genetics. According to the American Heart Association, CVD warning signs include chest pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and fatigue. 

CloudVisit is a fully secure, web-based video conferencing telemedicine provider. CloudVisit delivers the groundbreaking software to manage appointments via online video sessions without compromise.

AMS -- an operating company of Endo International, PLC -- is a Minnesota-based worldwide leader in advanced, innovative medical technologies since 1972. Focusing on improving patient access and outcomes and providing caring, knowledgeable resources to anyone dealing with a pelvic health concern, all with the single goal of restoring patient self-confidence and quality of life.

*Find the study of patient satisfaction with ED therapy here: Levine LA, et al. J Urol. 2001 Sep; 166 (3):932-7.

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