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May 19, 2015 13:33 ET -- a CloudVisit and American Medical Systems Collaboration -- Shares Men's Stories Pre- and Post-Penile Implant

In Its Partnership With CloudVisit, AMS's Helps Men in Their Decision-Making Towards a Penile Implant, Offering Live Video or Phone Conversations With Other Men Who Share Their Personal Experiences Regarding ED and Getting an Implant

COLD SPRING, NY--(Marketwired - May 19, 2015) - Men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) have different stories and varying ED causes, but their journeys follow a similar pattern -- recognition, awareness of treatment options, and living with ED. CloudVisit Telemedicine, in partnership with American Medical Systems (AMS), developed This program provides men with the opportunity to connect with other men, "Patient Champions," who received a penile implant after other unsuccessful ED treatments.

Patient Champions are men who have lived with ED caused by prostate cancer treatment, heart disease and/or diabetes. Every man's story is unique, but each confirms that ED has produced difficult obstacles. Most Patient Champions have involved their partners in the process, and continue to include them with their connections through Spouses have an opportunity to connect with someone who's partner has ED. In addition, champions and their partner together can talk about to their experience as a couple who have faced the same struggles with ED and found a solution.

After recognizing that they have ED, most men begin their treatment regimen with oral medications. Prescription drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra work for some, however, these medications often have a short-lived period of success. Men may go on to explore alternative treatments including vacuum pumps, penile injections and penile implants.

Finding a "cure" for ED can be challenging. The inability to get or maintain an erection can cause damage to a man's self-esteem, his partner's confidence, and can impair his relationship with his partner in general. Couples dealing with ED may have trouble communicating effectively and feel like they are unappealing to their partners due to lack of intimacy.

Patient Champions found that good communication and team decision-making are essential to maintaining healthy relationships with their partners. Having a penile implant procedure should not be an impulse decision and should always be discussed with your partner and your doctor.

Women's Testimonials, Post-Implant

"As a result of having the implant, we feel more connected and closer again because we can now have intercourse, and that is a special part of a couple's lovemaking," says Sarah, a partner to a Patient Champion.

"The penile implant has made it possible for [us] to love each other with the reckless abandon of a teenager. Well, almost," said Elaine, a partner to a Patient Champion. allows visitors to chat with any of the available Patient Champions and their partners, based on calendar availability. Discussions can be done over the phone or through online video sessions to make the experience more personal. Suggested discussion topics include decision-making steps, questions to ask the doctor, pre- and post-op experiences, feeling after surgery, sex with a penile implant, and lifestyle changes post-implant. More suggestions can be found on

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AMS -- an operating company of Endo International, PLC -- is a Minnesota-based worldwide leader in advanced, innovative medical technologies since 1972. Focusing on improving patient access and outcomes and providing caring, knowledgeable resources to anyone dealing with a pelvic health concern, all with the single goal of restoring patient self-confidence and quality of life.

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