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April 20, 2015 14:32 ET -- a CloudVisit Telemedicine and American Medical Systems Collaboration -- Addresses the Value of a Supportive Partner in Managing Erectile Dysfunction, a CloudVisit Telemedicine and American Medical Systems Collaboration, Continuously Strives to Better the Lives of Men Living With Erectile Dysfunction, as Well as Their Partners'

COLD SPRING, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 20, 2015) - CloudVisit's recent partnership with American Medical Systems (AMS) sparked the development of, a liaison service for men considering a penile implant. The program allows men to speak with someone living with a penile implant. Oftentimes -- as recommended by experts -- a man's partner is involved in his erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment journey.

It's undeniable that ED can change a man's life; but, what about his partner's? A spouse or partner may be unsure of what to say or do when learning that ED is the cause of a declining sex life. The truth is, there are no "correct" words to use. The appropriate response is complete support and understanding.

"You're not alone."
First, it is important to note that approximately one in five American men age 20 and older suffers from some degree of ED. As many as 39 million men in the United States experience ED -- almost 50 percent of men older than 75 suffer from ED, according to the National Institutes of Health.

"It's not you."
Partners -- older women, especially -- often assume they are the cause of their partner's ED and take it personally. In most cases, a physical or emotional reason exists for ED that does not have to do with a man's sexual partner. Unless a couple suffers from serious relationship problems, it is unlikely the partner has anything to do with the cause of ED.

"Remain positive and supportive."
Jumping to conclusions or throwing around ultimatums will not solve the problem. The best way for a man to actively overcome his ED and seek treatment is if he can maintain a healthy relationship with his partner. Retain intimacy, even when intercourse may not be possible.

"Become part of his journey to wellness."
Go on walks to increase exercise, quit smoking together or find a mutual hobby to reduce stress. Healthy and positive lifestyle changes may be small steps in improving his sexual health.

It's important for couples to discuss treatment options together. The points listed above never become outdated -- even after years of ED. A man with ED may try several treatment options before finding a permanent resolution. The process can be lengthy, but with a loving and compassionate partner, the situation is easier and smoother.

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AMS -- an operating company of Endo International, PLC -- is a Minnesota-based worldwide leader in advanced, innovative medical technologies since 1972. Focusing on improving patient access and outcomes and providing caring, knowledgeable resources to anyone dealing with a pelvic health concern, all with the single goal of restoring patient self-confidence and quality of life.

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