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July 01, 2015 16:37 ET Explains How Erectile Dysfunction Can Be a Warning Sign for Serious Underlying Conditions

Erectile Dysfunction Is Oftentimes a Standalone Problem; the Condition Is Known to Be the First Sign of Causes That Can Be Life-Threatening If Not Addressed

COLD SPRING, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 1, 2015) - Erectile dysfunction (ED), while most common among men over 50, should not be written off as just an inevitable part of aging. Current medical opinion is that all men suffering with ED should have a health assessment to find a potential underlying cause. is a patient liaison videoconferencing program developed by CloudVisit Telemedicine in partnership with American Medical Systems (AMS) for patients considering a penile implant to address their ED symptoms.

Heart Disease

A 2013 study of 95,000 Australian men suffering with severe ED were found 60 percent more likely to have a hospitalization for coronary heart disease, and are also at greater risk of death, even if they have no history of a heart problem.

"Every man who is suffering from any degree of erectile dysfunction should be seeking medical assistance as early as possible and also insisting on a heart health check," says Dr. Rob Grenfell, director of Australia's Heart Foundation.

Atherosclerosis is a condition of built-up plaque in artery walls. Smaller arteries, such as the ones providing blood flow to the penis, with restricted blood flow typically show signs first, explaining why ED may be the first sign of atherosclerosis and heart disease.


Diabetes affects blood vessel blood flow. Men with diabetes are reported to be three times more like to suffer with ED. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to permanent and irreversible ED, as well as kidney failure, blindness, and infections requiring amputation.

Low Testosterone

Testosterone, the male hormone driving sexual competence, drops naturally with age. However, it can become problematic when testosterone levels drop so low that an erection cannot be achieved or maintained. A reading of 12 nannomols per liter is estimated as normal, and eight or below is considered low. Testosterone replacement therapy is an option in low testosterone patients.

Venous Leak

Venogenic erectile dysfunction is caused by a different vascular problem that can affect men at a younger age. The source of the problem is the tissue inside the penis. Instead of holding blood flow to allow an erection to occur, the tissue in the penis continuously drains the blood. This results in a soft erection and difficulty achieving or maintaining erections. For men with venogenic ED, many common ED treatments may not work.

ED is common in older men, but should never be written off as an inevitable part of aging.

CloudVisit Telemedicine provides the HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing used for is a program for men and their partners considering a penile implant to speak with men who have experienced the surgery as a resource for first-hand experiences.

AMS -- an operating company of Endo International, PLC -- is a Minnesota-based worldwide leader in advanced, innovative medical technologies since 1972. Focusing on improving patient access and outcomes and providing caring, knowledgeable resources to anyone dealing with a pelvic health concern, all with the single goal of restoring patient self-confidence and quality of life.

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